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These days, most of us are busier than ever as we juggle more and more responsibilities, commitments, work, and social obligations. If you’re constantly wishing you had more hours in every day, consider these tips for getting more done when you already feel pressed for time. Improve Your Time Management The first thing you need […]


This is the third installment in the GoGirl Finance series called “The Side Hustle,” showcasing different ways people make money in addition to their day jobs in order to pay down debt or save money. Have a side hustle? Share your story with us: When my husband and I separated, I was forced to […]


Thrift shopping can be a great way to save money and expand your wardrobe, but walking into a thrift shop can be overwhelming. Everywhere you look you see racks of clothes that are off season, out of style, and, quite frankly, old. And there’s just so much stuff jammed into the store! So how do […]


5 Pins That Inspired Us This Week – April 19, 2014

by Sarah Chang April 19, 2014

5 Pins That Inspired Us Crop

If you’re anything like us, Spring leaves you itching for a few wardrobe updates. Here at GoGirl we love sticking to a budget, but aren’t opposed to tweaking what we wear with a new accessories or pieces every season. If you’re in need of a clothing refresher, we have the round up for you. From […]

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Meet a Financial Planner: Mary Beth Storjohann – Fears to Fearless

by Rebecca Jackson April 18, 2014

MBheadshot crop

If you need proof that you don’t have to live for eternity with money fears, Mary Beth Storjohann – founder of Workable Wealth – is that proof.  After landing a job in a boutique financial planning firm at age 18, she turned her negative money beliefs on their head and changed her major.  Known for […]

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Creating a Successful Career from a Blog: An Interview with Erin Chase of $5 Dinners

by Melissa Batai April 17, 2014

erin chase

Erin Chase was, like the rest of America in 2008, struggling to get the most from her food budget.  She started clipping coupons and challenging herself to make healthy dinners for her then family of 4 for less than $5.  One night while she was cleaning up and doing dishes, she decided to start a […]

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Don’t Ask, Don’t Get – Tips on Negotiating for Yourself

by Nicole Page April 16, 2014

Negotiating crop

April 8th was Equal Pay Day – the Internet was buzzing with statistics, tips (and rants!) regarding the gender pay gap. There are so many galvanizing reasons why women need to take the proverbial bull by the horns when it comes to advocating for fair pay however, one that really stands out is that by […]

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Forgive & Heal Your Personal Finance Follies: Free Teleseminar 4/22

by Sarah Chang April 15, 2014


Most of us have slipped up financially at some point in our lives. Whether you’re out of debt or still paying it off, you’re probably familiar with the guilt that accompanies financial mistakes. It’s time to forgive yourself. Join us, along with Brittney Castro, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, next Tuesday, 4/22, at 5 pm PST / […]

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How I’m Making it Work As a Single Mother in College

by Cara Cortez April 15, 2014

mother changing diaper to her baby

Going back to college at age 25 last year wasn’t an easy decision for me. I went to college at age 18, but took a break to work and earn a living. When I was 20, I became pregnant with my boyfriend’s child. As hard as we tried, the relationship didn’t work out, and we […]

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Graduate School: What It Really Costs to Go Back to School

by Ilana Nutkis April 14, 2014

Students researching online at the library on computers

So you’re thinking about going back to school. Besides tuition costs, what should you budget for? I left my post-college career for law school three years ago, and along the way, gained an unexpected education on the costs they don’t mention in the brochure. If You’re Thinking About Graduate School… Before you even enter the […]

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The Hidden Cost of Weddings

by Erika Torres April 13, 2014

The-Hidden-Costs-of-a-Wedding pin

Weddings are expensive. However, there are still plenty of ways to trim costs and save money on a wedding. If you’re a blushing bride to be,  check out this infographic on the hidden costs of weddings and see where you can trim your wedding budget.

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5 Pins That Inspired Us This Week – April 12, 2014

by Sarah Chang April 12, 2014

Pins that inspired us crop

Spring is a great time to start fresh – and tackling your debt is a great place to begin. If you’ve been thinking about chipping away at credit card bills – or anything else – we have the round up for you. From getting into the right mindset, to paying off your debt more quickly, […]

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Meet a Financial Planner: Fradel Barber, the Visionary Entrepreneur

by Rebecca Jackson April 11, 2014

Fradel Barber Crop

Fradel Barber is a born educator. One of 12 siblings (!), she honed her teaching skills at a very young age. Her creative bent took her via fashion school but, she soon changed direction to embark upon her life’s mission – to bring financial services education and advice to middle America. A successful leader of […]

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Last-Minute Tax Help: How to File a Tax Extension if You Need More Time

by Carrie Smith April 10, 2014

Businesswomen working in office

If you haven’t filed your tax return yet, don’t worry there’s still time. But not much! In the event you need more time than the April 15th deadline will allow, you can always file for an extension. We break down last-minute tax tips for individuals and households who need more time during tax season. Last-Minute […]

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Save Money: Say “I Don’t” to These Wedding Expenses

by Kendal Perez April 9, 2014

wedding crop

According to the Real Weddings Study commissioned by the creator of The Knot, the average wedding cost (excluding the honeymoon) in 2013 was just shy of $30,000. That’s nearly $1,500 more than 2012 ($28,427), and close to 10-percent higher than 2011 ($27,021). In fact, the amount spent on weddings has been on the rise since […]

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Women and Wealth NYC – April 24th – FREE!

by Rebecca Jackson April 8, 2014

women and wealth logo

Women are a driving force in today’s economy – according to Real Simple magazine, 90% of women state they are the chief bill-payer and shopper in their household. However, to be a successful household CFO, day-to-day financial decision-making needs to be paired with a long-term view. Unfortunately, this is where women fall down – 70% […]

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The 5 Minute Routine That Could Protect You From Fraud

by Ashley Feinstein April 8, 2014

Protect Your Finances Crop

You’ve probably heard the horror stories. Someone stole a friend’s identity and took out thirty thousand dollars on their home equity loan or started charging large purchases to their credit card. Identity theft and financial fraud are unfortunately very real problems we have to deal with in today’s’ world. Here’s a five minute monthly routine […]

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From Two Incomes to One: How to Make the Switch

by Mary Beth Storjohann April 7, 2014

two incomes crop

Making the decision for one partner to leave the workforce for any period of time is always a tough one. Perhaps you’d like to spend time with children, need to care for an aging parent or are planning to launch a business that will require sacrificing some income for a few years. To minimize financial […]

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