buy after holidaysThanksgiving and Christmas are on the horizon, and it may seem like you’re bleeding money. But we have some good news!

Certain things are a much better buy in January.

Whether you’re buying for someone else, or simply for yourself (57 percent of shoppers made non-gift purchases for themselves in 2013, up 8 percent from 2009, according to the National Retail Federation), here are a few things items you should think about purchasing after December 25th (and later).

1. Cars

During the period between Christmas Day and New Years car dealers are looking to get rid of current stock. So skip the big red bows; there will be plenty of clearance sales (and you’ll have more negotiating power) as dealerships make room for next year’s models.

2. Furniture

Yes, you may be sinking into your couch every time you sit and your coffee table is on its last leg (literally), but hold out until January. You’ll find big sales throughout late December and into the new year, as retailers look to bring in new stock.

3. Big Electronic Equipment (TVs, Cameras)

Just like cars, retailers will want to make room for new models – but not until after January. Lindsay Sakraida, a features director at, told Newsday that the best time to buy top-brand TVs or TVs with extra features is February or March.

4. Calendars and Holiday Decorations

It is not like you are going to actually start using your new calendar until Jan. 1. Plus with the advent of the smartphone, calendars are really just for display. Borders and Barnes & Noble literally hand out calendars in January. Clearly any holiday decorations fall under this category as well.

5. Winter Clothes and Accessories

You may be a little cold during Christmas, but the sales (for jackets, boots, gloves, scarves) will be so much better if you wait until the new year. Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst at NDP Group, told 7News Denver “anything cold weather-related is certainly going to get dramatically reduced post-Christmas.”

6. Luggage

You’ve got a wait a little while for this one. The best time to purchase luggage is March — because retailers are looking to keep merchandise selling between the holiday and summer travel seasons.

7. Fitness Gear and Equipment

How many of you plan on making a resolution to work out more come January 1? We thought so. Retailers also know — and are looking to take advantage of your newfound enthusiasm. Look for deep discounts on exercise equipment, clothing, and even gym memberships in the New Year.

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