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Aleeka Kay Edwards

Pregnant with Ideas: Mom-preneur Chats on 1/24

by Aleeka Kay Edwards January 22, 2013


For most expecting moms, the stages of labor include pushing and contractions… not profits and contracts. Natalie Gordon was pregnant with her son when she embarked on the labored task of starting her own company. The online baby registry, BabyList , launched two weeks before her son was born two years ago and has already been accepted […]

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Thirsty to Change your Company’s Reputation? – Live Chat on 1/16

by Aleeka Kay Edwards January 15, 2013

Tealet Founder

No one would have faulted if founder and food scientist Elyse Petersen had only marketed to women. Afterall, tea rooms are always feminized and, in the annals of media, women are the main promoters of the beverage. Most people know that the Duchess of Bedford was the originator of “afternoon tea” and if you believe all […]

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Doing Well by Doing Good

by Aleeka Kay Edwards November 28, 2012


At GoGirl Finance, we believe that supporting socially responsible women-owned businesses is central to our vision of promoting an egalitarian workforce and an empowered community. We love interviewing and highlighting female entrepreneurs, especially those who start their business with a social mission. We are a stronger movement by helping others to be stronger. To this […]

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Entrepreneur Talks about Going Digital with Congress on 10/15

by Aleeka Kay Edwards October 11, 2012

Marci headshot

If you find yourself yelling at your television screen during the Presidential debates and writing angry tweets about draconian budget cuts, you are probably one of the millions of people who decry government as being too intimidating for direct contact. In a dream scenario, we would have a customer service representative listening to our complaints and […]

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It’s GGFive O’Clock!

by Aleeka Kay Edwards October 9, 2012

# 5oclock

TODAY, along with Rent The Runway and, is launching a worldwide photo campaign on Twitter and Facebook to showcase sisterhood in the workplace. You’ve heard the stories of mean girls in the office, women sabotaging other ambitious women, and the lack of women in corporate jobs. You’ve seen the movies that highlight the “Queen […]

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Resource for Entrepreneurs and Microbusinesses: GGF interviews Connie Evans, CEO of Association for Enterprise Opportunity

by Aleeka Kay Edwards September 21, 2012

Connie_Evans-150x150 (2)

She served two elected terms on the Board of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and was appointed by President Clinton to the CDFI Advisory Board in the Department of the Treasury, so it’s no surprise that Connie Evans brings the same brio and precision to her current job. Connie is the President and CEO […]

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Celebrity Marketing Entrepreneur Chats about Community Outreach on 9/18

by Aleeka Kay Edwards September 17, 2012


When Keshia Walker hews to the requests of Beyonce, Jay Z, Magic Johnson, and Kevin Hart, she is aware that her celebrity affiliations will give her company instant recognition in a competitive marketplace. Her boutique marketing firm, Insights Marketing and Promotions, greatly benefits from these aforementioned celebrity endorsements which give her business publicity and validation. Yet, while […]

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How to Start a Company While Working Full-Time : Live Chat on 9/12

by Aleeka Kay Edwards September 10, 2012

Angela Lee

Angela Lee adopts a pragmatic attitude when it comes to starting a business- she keeps her “day job”.  Angela started three companies while keeping her full-time job, a feat  that relies as much on setting boundaries as it does on time management. Are you taking complete advantage of your full-time salary?  Will keeping two jobs […]

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Powering Tomorrow: GGF Celebrates Women Business Owners with American Express

by Aleeka Kay Edwards August 24, 2012

AMEX OPEN 2010 logo - high res(1)

American Express OPEN recently commissioned a study on the state of women-owned businesses. The study is colored with summaries on national, geographical, and industry trends. We learned that while most of the private sector was cutting jobs between 1997 and 2007, by 2012 female entrepreneurs employed approximately 7.7 million people. As GGF promulgates this research […]

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Marketing Your Business on Facebook- Live Chat on 8/20

by Aleeka Kay Edwards August 16, 2012


Mandie Miller didn’t spend any money on advertising. So, how did this cake baker earn more than $40,000 in annual revenue during her second year in business? Most of Mandie’s customers order her cakes on Facebook and then pay her when the cake is delivered. She still maintains a website of her own but Mandie […]

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Celebrity Entrepreneur Chats about Overcoming Obstacles on 8/14

by Aleeka Kay Edwards August 9, 2012


You may recognize Tiffany Krumins from ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank”, where she pitched her invention to potential investors. The former nanny auditioned for the show on a whim after developing a children’s medicine dispenser she calls AVA The Elephant. Tiffany’s appearance on that show connected her to real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran who agreed to […]

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How to Nail The Job- Chat with a Top Mompreneur Tonight – 8/1!

by Aleeka Kay Edwards August 1, 2012


Charged with only a 12-week night course on entrepreneurship and a slim start-up budget of five thousand dollars, Cinnamon Bowser created Nail Taxi. There was a time when mobile manicures were probably imagined as a luxury for only celebrities and royalty, but Bowser is now helping everyday women live life at epicurean levels. Nail Taxi […]

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Project Leaders Chat About Branding on 7/17!

by Aleeka Kay Edwards July 17, 2012

Ashley Bush

Ashley Bush seldom sits for interviews. Ashley–who is George W. Bush’s niece and George H. W. Bush’s granddaughter–is usually busy working on superlative projects and partnering with charitable organizations. We are so honored that she’s taking time out of her schedule to introduce “The Seven Sees for Aspiring Entrepreneurs” series. Ashley recently returned from Liberia […]

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Creating a Community of Female Entrepreneurs: GGF Talks With Merefith Dennes, Co-founder of Project Eve

by Aleeka Kay Edwards June 29, 2012


GoGirl Finance was thrilled to connect with Meridith Dennes, the co-founder of Project Eve.  Project Eve is a social network that encourages female entrepreneurs to communicate, collaborate, and contribute in a safe forum. It allows women to discuss and fully develop their entrepreneurial ideas before having to defend them. What inspired you to create Project […]

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Earn Prizes for Reducing Debt: SaveUp

by Aleeka Kay Edwards June 8, 2012


I’m usually confounded by all the options for money management programs. I think it’s because I don’t want to think about my debt. There’s no joy in it; I’d much rather avoid the terrible specter of paying bills. However, this week I tried and it was the first time that I actually didn’t cringe […]

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Successful Hollywood Producer Chats about Entrepreneurship on 6/13 !!

by Aleeka Kay Edwards June 7, 2012

Willa & Christy Cropped (1)

Do you have the contacts and the skills to start your own company, but no idea what kind of business you want to start ?! Are you waiting for that “Aha!” moment to spark your business idea? You don’t  necessarily need an innovative idea to start a company, but you do need an inspiration!  Christy […]

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You’re Invited to Our Live Video Chat with IndieGoGo on 5/23!!

by Aleeka Kay Edwards May 15, 2012


Congratulations on developing a business concept!  Now it’s time to take action on your idea. We created a series to guide you- “The Seven Sees for Aspiring Entrepreneurs”, seven videos geared to helping you launch your company. Before we start showing you videos, we’ve scheduled some introductory chats with some very successful women: Money is […]

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