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Planning for Your Financial Future: Debt and Retirement Calculators

by Catherine Alford August 23, 2015


There are many resources out there to help plan and navigate your financial future–you just have to know where to look. One great resource you may not have considered is AARP. The helpful people over at AARP have a ton of really amazing retirement planning tools with detailed instructions to help you calculate everything from 401k […]

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How to Financially Prepare for an Unexpected Pregnancy

by Catherine Alford July 14, 2015

Unexpected pregnancy

If you or anyone you know has ever had an unexpected pregnancy, you know all of the emotions and shock that come with it. It may take a few weeks to get used to the idea of being pregnant. Then you have to tell your family and assess how you will handle this huge change […]

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Paying Down Debt: How I Paid Off My Credit Cards On One Income

by Catherine Alford June 17, 2015

credit card cut

I know that my debt payoff story doesn’t sound too remarkable. I had $6,000 in credit card debt, and I slowly but surely cut it down piece by piece over 18 months until it was all gone. I have read stories about much higher debt payoff amounts from people who had even bigger odds. Yet, […]

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Five Financial New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep

by Catherine Alford December 31, 2014


The New Year is always a great motivator to set resolutions and get your financial goals in place — there’s something about starting fresh that makes it really worthwhile. Of course, the trouble with resolutions is that they’re hard to keep. How many times have you promised to lose weight, get in shape, or save […]

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3 Tips for Achieving a Work/Life Balance

by Catherine Alford September 10, 2014

work-life-balance-pin2 crop

Let’s be honest. It’s not possible to have true work/life balance 100% of the time. It is possible, though, to have a day when you feel like you are balanced — a day when you feel like everyone’s needs are met (including your own). A day when you work, your kids are happy, and things […]

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How I Manage a Business as a Stay at Home Mom

by Catherine Alford August 21, 2014

working mom business

Before I had my twins in March of this year, I thought I had it all figured out. After several months of working so hard my hands ached when I typed, I took the scary step to become completely self-employed as a blogger and freelance writer. As a planner, I did not make the decision […]

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Couples and Money: How Much Should We Save In an Emergency Fund?

by Catherine Alford February 26, 2014


In “On My Own Two Feet”, GoGirl Finance’s favorite expert, Manisha Thakor and co-author Sharon Kedar share some thought-provoking statistics, “50 percent of Americans would struggle to come up with $2,000 in a pinch. A whopping 64 percent of Americans do not have enough savings to handle even a $1,000 emergency expense…” It’s a perennial […]

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5 Unexpected Pregnancy Expenses and How to Manage Them

by Catherine Alford February 4, 2014

Couple Excited About Pregnancy Test

I am only a few weeks away from giving birth to boy/girl twins, and as much as I’ve planned and prepared for their arrival, I am still surprised at the number of unexpected expenses that have popped up – above and beyond the whole “buying two of everything” issue. I am still learning how to […]

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How I’m Financially Preparing for My First Baby

by Catherine Alford January 14, 2014

Pregnant money

Being pregnant is a really exciting – and somewhat nerve wracking – time. At least, these are the emotions I’ve felt while preparing for my twins, who will be born in April. As a first time mom, there are so many things to buy and so many mixed messages from friends, families, and magazines about […]

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Deciding Whether Graduate School is the Right Option for You

by Catherine Alford August 30, 2013

graduate pin

Since I graduated with an M.A. in history two years ago, my interests and aptitudes have drastically changed. While I still have a passion for history, museum work, and national parks (all fields I used to work in), I’ve truly begun to focus on my love of writing. I’ve grown significantly as a writer over […]

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Tired of Saving? 3 Ways to Beat the Money Slump

by Catherine Alford August 26, 2013


Sticking to a tight budget is similar to sticking to a diet. It’s definitely hard for people to enjoy being restricted and to maintain their choice, especially because they are depriving themselves of what they’re used to–i.e., splurges, treats, and carefree habits. No one said saving (or dieting!) would be easy. It’s is a long-term commitment […]

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Starting a Business at 58: fullips Founder Linda Gomez talks to GGF

by Catherine Alford August 16, 2013


If you think your career is over once you’ve hit 60, think again! Linda Gomez is the perfect example of someone who reinvented herself at 58 by starting  fullips, a lip enhancer product designed to give women a fuller pout. She’s a devoted wife, mom, and grandmother who loves to spend time with her grandkids, […]

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Be Your Own Boss: Why I Decided To Work For Myself

by Catherine Alford July 12, 2013

boss pinterest

Over the past three years, I have been slowly building up a side business in addition to finishing grad school and working full time. After a lot of hard work and many hours put in, my side business has really blossomed, and I’ve decided that by January 1, 2014, I’m going to work solely for […]

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How To Know If You’re in the Right Career

by Catherine Alford July 8, 2013

woman confused pinterest

All of us question our careers at some point or another. Whether you’ve had a bad day in the office or an enticing offer from another company, we all wonder sometimes if we should be working in a different job or a different field entirely. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to figure […]

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Navigating Finances as a Newlywed Couple

by Catherine Alford June 10, 2013


I distinctly remember one of the very first fights that I had with my husband as a married couple. I gave him a check and asked him to pay the water bill…and can you guess what happened? He didn’t. To make it worse, my normally very sweet and honest husband actually pretended like he did. […]

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rosieMADE: How Alicia Vanderschuere Started Her Own Company to Help Other Female Entrepreneurs

by Catherine Alford May 17, 2013

rosie made

Alicia Vanderschuere’s energy is infectious. Her company, rosieMADE has a mission to inspire others to be “stronger, bolder, and better.” By featuring the products of other female business owners across the United States, Alicia has not just started her own company; she’s started a revolution. Through the rosieMADE shop and community, women can get together […]

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How to Get Your Finances in Order

by Catherine Alford May 8, 2013

finances pinterest

Organizing and securing finances is probably one of the most challenging projects you can take on. However, it’s also one of the most important ones. If you’re struggling to keep your finances and financial plan in order, below are some ideas to help you whip them into shape. Get Your Financial Documents in Order You […]

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Are We Wrecking Our Careers Before They Even Start?

by Catherine Alford March 13, 2013


Recently, Sheryl Sandberg, the highly accomplished chief operating officer of Facebook, published a book that’s stirring up controversy. In the book, entitled Lean In, she argues that women wreck their careers before they even start. We’re counting ourselves out. We’re worried about having kids. We don’t know if we should go for that top job […]

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