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How to Create a Wedding Budget

by Katharine Paljug April 21, 2015


It can be difficult to plan a wedding when you and your partner have different ideas about how much money to spend and where to spend it. No matter how big or small your event, trying to plan for every expense and stay on budget can be incredibly stressful. Should you spend more on location […]

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Marriage & Money: How to Split Bank Accounts

by Katharine Paljug February 19, 2015

Couple and money

Where do you and your spouse put your money? It seems like a straightforward question, but for many new couples it’s a minefield. Should you combine everything into joint checking and savings accounts? Have individual accounts and put a portion of your income into common accounts? If you keep some of your money separate, does […]

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Five Ways to Upgrade Your Honeymoon for Free

by Katharine Paljug February 16, 2015

upgrade your honeymoon for free

When I was in the middle of wedding planning, the only thing that kept me going (aside for wanting to marry the love of my love of my life) was looking forward to our honeymoon. Sure, I was spending my evenings staring at a seating chart, wondering where to put the ten relatives that were […]

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How to Prepare Financially: Going Back to School

by Katharine Paljug February 10, 2015

graduate school

Have you or your partner decided to go back to school? Congratulations! Whether the goal is an undergrad or an advanced degree, going back to school can be a great way to advance at your current job or switch to a new career. But in order to get that degree, you may have to reevaluate […]

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How We Cut Wedding Expenses – and Saved Thousands

by Katharine Paljug February 9, 2015


The price tag for weddings is rising. In fact, according to The Knot’s 2014 Real Weddings Study, the average wedding cost in the US is up to $29,858! But what exactly is all that money paying for? And how much is necessary for a beautiful wedding and a good party? When my husband and I […]

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How to Be a Good Bridesmaid Without Going Broke

by Katharine Paljug February 5, 2015


The holiday season has come and gone (and Valentine’s Day is almost upon us), which means that someone you know may be newly engaged. If that someone is a close friend, you might just find yourself asked to be in the bridal party. Being a bridesmaid is an honor, of course, and a great opportunity […]

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Five Questions to Ask Before You Combine Finances

by Katharine Paljug January 30, 2015


Are you and your partner planning to combine your finances? Whether you’re married, moving in together, or making a long-term commitment, combining your finances is both exciting and scary. Are you ready to take that step? And once you do, how will you make everything work? The best way to figure out if you’re ready […]

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Investing for Beginners: 4 Tips for Understanding How it Works

by Katharine Paljug January 1, 2015

stock market

You’ve decided you’re ready to start investing, but you keep second guessing how much you know about the market. Don’t second-guess yourself so much you miss out on planning for the future. Knowing about the investing and the stock market can be key to financial security. Do you want to hand your retirement savings over […]

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How I Started Enjoying the Holidays — Without a Credit Card

by Katharine Paljug December 16, 2014

Online Christmas Shopping

The holiday season is a time to focus on all sorts of wonderful things, like family, faith, generosity, and giving. Unfortunately, it’s also often a time to focus on buying things. Our consumer culture regularly forgets about peace and love in favor of flash sales and blowing your savings on presents. This year, instead of […]

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Five Healthy Financial Habits for the Self-Employed

by Katharine Paljug November 20, 2014

good financial habits

When I started my freelance writing business, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I had to learn as I went: how to find clients, how market my work… even how to keep myself on a schedule while working from home was a challenge! One thing I had going for me, though, was good […]

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Pros and Cons of Accepting Help with Wedding Expenses

by Katharine Paljug June 19, 2013


No matter what sort of budget you have in mind for your wedding, the prospect of getting some help with the ever-mounting wedding expenses seems like a godsend. It makes sense, then, that many couples are grateful when parents or other relatives offer to help out with the expenses. But if you’re not careful, letting […]

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Love and Money: Breaking a Lease after a Break-up

by Katharine Paljug June 5, 2013


You moved in, you signed a lease, you split the rent… and then you split up. A breakup is hard under normal circumstances, but when it involves a shared living space – and doesn’t have the legal protection and process of a divorce – things can get messy. So how do you move forward? Breaking […]

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Women in Business: Who Do We Take Seriously?

by Katharine Paljug May 27, 2013

mom working

In a recent article for Forbes, Meghan Casserly writes about the “pink ghetto” of female entrepreneurs and Jolie O’Dell’s “tweet heard ‘round the… blogosphere’” (as Casserly describes it): “Women: Stop making startups about fashion, shopping, & babies. At least for the next few years. You’re embarrassing me.” Casserly points out a big problem with this […]

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How to Prepare for End of Life Finances

by Katharine Paljug May 10, 2013

end of life financial planning pinterest

It can be hard to think of the end of your life when you’re in the middle of living it. No one ever expects to get fatally ill or end up in a car crash. But if the unthinkable happens, it will be devastating for those you leave behind. Not only are they grieving, but […]

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Tricks and Tips to Pay for Grad School

by Katharine Paljug April 22, 2013

graduate school

Grad schools that offer financial aid aren’t doing it to be nice and help you out.  Any university you might apply to wants to make itself look good, and they want to bring in students that will better the school’s image; offering financial aid is one way they attract desirable students. So getting an offer […]

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Where to Find Scholarships for College

by Katharine Paljug April 1, 2013


College is becoming more expensive than ever. With historically high numbers of applicants and drastic funding cuts, many schools are offering only minimal financial aid.   Many students are left thinking that the only option is to take out huge loans and hope they’ll get a good enough job after graduation to pay off the debt. […]

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How to Give Your Two Weeks’ Notice

by Katharine Paljug March 27, 2013

two week notice

For many women, working up the nerve to hand in your two weeks’ notice is a long and terrifying process. Not because you don’t know if you should or not–usually, it’s pretty clear when a job just isn’t right. But the scary thought, “What happens next?” can keep even the savviest businesswoman paralyzed. How will […]

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The DOs and DON’Ts of Networking: How to Network Like a Pro

by Katharine Paljug March 18, 2013


In any business, networking is a crucial part of growing your client base.  It’s also a key way to increase the number and variety of opportunities that come your way, and it can help you advance to the next level of your career. But business networking is a tricky thing. It can look and feel […]

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