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The Sequester: How Do Government Budget Cuts Affect Me?

by Lena Rizkallah March 1, 2013

sequester budget cuts

Today’s post comes from GoGirl Finance expert, Lena Rizkallah, who writes about what today’s budget cuts mean for you. A recent USA Today poll revealed that about 25% of Americans know little to nothing about the sequester–the mandatory across-the-board budget cuts instituted today.  This is alarming since these budget cuts could affect us on a daily basis and could […]

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Do Women Even Want It All?

by Lena Rizkallah November 12, 2012

multitasking mom

A few years ago a good friend of mine went through a mini nervous breakdown.  He was depressed and anxious because he was fast approaching an important milestone in every man’s life—his thirtieth birthday. He’s not the only guy who has experienced anxiety before The Big Birthday; my brothers, ex-boyfriends and other guy pals have […]

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Money Moxie Workshops for Women: Getting Personal with Finance

by Lena Rizkallah September 19, 2012


With summer behind us and fall coming up full swing ahead for the holidays, our calendars can book up fast! How about adding some personal finance workshops to the list of exciting things to do in New York this fall? Personal finance and fun may not belong in the same sentence for some people, but […]

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How to Live in Luxury (without Going Broke!)

by Lena Rizkallah February 6, 2012


Last week, I took an amazing yoga class.  I hadn’t been to my favorite yoga studio, Laughing Lotus, in a while and I was waaaaay overdue for some serious downward dog! By the middle of class, I was my usual sweaty mess.  And starving! So by the time class was winding down, and while the […]

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When A Deal’s For Real: What To Know Before You Buy That Groupon

by Lena Rizkallah January 30, 2012

Groupon Deal

As a budget-minded person, I appreciate quality service at a reasonable price. So when I want to make plans to go out for the evening and need ideas, I often go through the plastic Ziploc I keep in purse and reach for the gold: my Groupons and Living Social vouchers. I’ve had several awesome experiences […]

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