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Entrepreneur at 13: EDEN BodyWorks Founder Jasmine Lawrence talks to GGF

by Ornella Grosz January 11, 2013

jasmine lawrence

Like many entrepreneurs who start their own business, Jasmine Lawrence decided to create her own product when she couldn’t find what she was looking for. Her journey began at age 11 when she started to lose her hair. She wasn’t able to find a hair care line to meet her needs, so she went on […]

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Three Tips on How to Negotiate Your Salary

by Ornella Grosz October 24, 2012

women negotiate salary

You’re probably secretly hoping to avoid negotiating a higher salary for yourself, whether you’re a nervous candidate in the interview chair, or you’re in your cubicle daydreaming that your boss has spontaneously written a bigger number on your paycheck. When it comes to negotiating a better salary, though, it’s just one of those things: if […]

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