There are so many online resources about financial literacy that it can be overwhelming to begin sorting through them.

If you’re looking for recommendations, one of my favorite financial blogs is New York Times Bucks.  The coverage ranges  from traditional personal finance topics like investing, credit cards and college savings to more consumer-focused articles about cars, travel, health and retail.  I always pick up an interesting tidbit when I read it, and those tidbits always seem to be useful, even if not in the moment.

Take today’s post, Where to Buy Eyeglasses, as an example.  The article recommends that instead of going to your local optical shop or doctor’s office to buy prescription glasses and contact lenses, you could get better service and prices at Costco.

This isn’t news to me—I discovered the secret a few years back—but it’s something I’m sure most people don’t know about, or else the prices that opticians charge for glasses would probably take a nose dive. If I go to a local optical shop now and tell them I buy my contact lenses at Costco, they match Costco’s price…just like that.

I’m not saying that I’m a fortune teller, but there is something to be said about the Times picking up my secret. I’ve been educating myself about money matters for years now, and the Costco trick isn’t the only one up my sleeve. Stay tuned for more.