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How to Use the New Year to Jump Start Your Job Search

by Katharine Paljug December 28, 2015


Are you determined to find a new job in the new year? If so, you’re not alone. On average, 10% of Americans include a job search on their list of resolutions — that’s a whopping 31,890,000 people! Finding a new job is the fourth most common new year’s resolution, behind only weight loss, improving finances, […]

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Six Things You Should Do With Your Holiday Bonus

by Meredith Lepore December 24, 2015

Holiday Bonus

After a couple of very lean years for many businesses, the holiday bonus (as well as the company party) is back! According to a CareerBuilder study, 45% of employers gave out bonuses in 2013, up from 33% in 2010. What a treat to get some extra dough at the end of the year. Now, there is […]

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Five Ways to Make a Coffee Chat Count

by Susan Weil and Terri Wein December 21, 2015

Coffee Chat Crop

Picture this. You reach out to a contact because you might be interested in working at his/her company. You set up a “coffee chat”.  What exactly is a coffee chat and how can you prepare for it? A coffee chat isn’t just a cup of coffee. It’s a “pre-interview interview” and it’s evaluative. That’s good […]

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A Funny Take on the Not-So-Funny Gender Pay Gap

by Heather Hunter December 10, 2015


It’s the not-so-funny reality of being a working woman: you’re taking home less pay for doing the same job as your male colleagues. And in the video below, courtesy of, some clever ad execs take a tongue-in-cheek approach to bringing some much needed attention to the matter.

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Party On: How to Network Your Way to 2016

by Elana Konstant December 8, 2015

Christmas Tree

Ah December, a magical month when people are filled with optimism and good will, aided by the flowing supply of baked goods and alcohol. Take advantage of the holiday cheer and the constant stream of parties in the last few weeks of the year to step up your networking efforts. If you are looking for […]

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Five (Plus!) Ways to Manage a Flexible Work Schedule

by Cheryl Lock December 2, 2015


According to a new survey co-sponsored by Flex+Strategy Group/Work+Life Fit Inc. and Citrix, nine out of 10 full-time U.S. employees believe their bosses trust them to get their job done regardless of where and when they do their work. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why telecommuting has become so popular lately. The truth […]

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Six Things You Should Stop Doing Now to Better Your Career

by Cheryl Lock November 23, 2015


Women today have a steady stream of female heroes to admire when it comes to work ethic, tenacity and successfulness. Still, it never hurts to hear from women who have been there, done that, about the actions they think helped paved the way to their accomplishments. With that in mind, we reached out to some […]

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Five Unique Ways We’re Saving Money on a Baby

by Erika Torres November 11, 2015

saving money on baby

If you’ve put off babies due to the high cost associated with having kids, you wouldn’t be alone. Millennials, or twentysomething women, have been slower to have children than any previous generation, according to a report by the Urban Institute. Researchers believe finances are one of the biggest reasons millennials are hesitant to have children. […]

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How to Make a Great Impression at a New Job

by Katharine Paljug November 2, 2015

Great Impression at a New Job

Between the networking, the cover letters, and the interviews, it can feel like nothing is tougher than getting hired. Until, of course, you start your first week at a new job and you have to figure out how best to make a place for yourself. Should you try to stand out or go with the […]

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Four Ways To Help Your Resume Land at The Top of The Pile

by Kali Hawlk October 6, 2015


Ever wonder why some people get “the job” and others don’t? Even in a strong job market, competition for good positions is fierce. To land an interview, you need to submit an application that catches the eye and persuades the hiring manager to call you in so they can learn more. But with only that […]

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Signs You Are Burnt Out With Your Job (and Seven Ways To Deal)

by Meredith Lepore September 28, 2015


Feeling burnt out? You’re not alone. Many millennial women are experiencing job burnout before they turn 30. The American Psychological Association’s David Ballard, PsyD describes burnout as “an extended period of time where someone experiences exhaustion and a lack of interest in things, resulting in a decline in their job performance.” Here are some signs to […]

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How I Made The Most of Underemployment

by Kali Hawlk September 17, 2015

Underemployment crop

Generation Y, or the Millennial generation, has been known for its struggles with a weak job market. Only one out of two Millennials had a full-time job that required at least a Bachelor’s degree in 2012, which meant a full 50 percent of recent college graduates were either unemployed or underemployed. Being underemployed means you […]

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What To Do When Your Boss Is A Jerk

by Sarah Chang September 15, 2015


Got a bad boss? The good news is you’re not alone. Up to 65 million Americans have been impacted by bullying in the workplace at some point — and most of the time the boss is to blame. The bad news is you still need to show up to work every morning and survive (at […]

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Your Guide to Life as a Freelancer

by Sarah Chang September 14, 2015

Freelancer Guide

Leaving behind the security of a 9-5 job and starting life as a freelancer can be a huge undertaking. But it doesn’t have to be scary. Set yourself up for success by reading the experiences of other freelancers who have also left behind office jobs and started working for themselves. If you want to feel a little […]

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Top 10 Tips for Resume Greatness

by Elana Konstant September 12, 2015


Given all the new school social media outlets and apps for job searching — LinkedIn, Twitter, Jobr, Emjoyment — to name a few, is there even a need for resumes anymore? While the times certainly are a-changin’ with more creative approaches surfacing, we haven’t seen the end of resumes yet. They remain the centerpiece of most job applications. […]

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Take a Minute to Understand Maternity Leave

by Heather Hunter September 9, 2015

egg freezing

You’re probably already aware that maternity leave in the United States is… well, not so great. As in, the government guarantees you exactly zero paid days off if you have a baby. In many cases, your job is protected while you take some time off, but not in every case. In the video below, Mandi […]

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Five Things You Must Do To Grow Your Digital Brand {Giveaway}

by Joanne Tombrakos September 4, 2015

Digital Brand

When my primary care doctor gave me a referral for a specialist, the first thing I did once I was assured she accepted my health insurance was Google her name. I read her bio and took note of where she went to school and when she graduated. I checked out the links to the articles […]

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One Minute to a Better Resume — Here’s How

by Heather Hunter September 2, 2015

Smiling woman lying in bed and using digital tablet

Six seconds. That’s how much time a potential employer spends scanning your resume before deciding if you’re worth a closer look. Sixty seconds. That’s how time you’ll need to learn how to make that happen. In the video below, Mandi Woodruff gets right to the point. In sixty seconds, you’ll be up to speed on […]

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