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7 Female Self-Made Millionaires (and a Few Billionaires) We Love

by Meredith Lepore August 17, 2014


It’s easy to sit around envying people with amazing career success stories and enormous fortunes (as a result of their success). But what we should really do is learn from them. We came up with a list of our favorite self-made millionaires (and a few billionaires) who worked their asses off (often starting with nothing […]

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2 Big Reasons Why Entrepreneurship is the New Normal

by Kali Hawlk August 7, 2014

Entrepreneurship new normal

For the last few years, entrepreneurship around the world has been steadily rising. Members of Generation Y in particular seem to be more wired for making the leap and forging their own career and business paths. The economy is changing, and older business models are slowly dying out as more and more people leave corporate […]

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How I Started Freelancing After I Was Laid Off

by Tonya Stumphauzer August 6, 2014


One thing I get to witness as a personal finance blogger is seeing someone on occasion decide to quit the full time 9-5 rat race and dive head first into the uncertain waters of freelancing. I silently bless them as they make that bold move, because it isn’t easy, but then again, I learned the hard […]

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Financial Wellness: Build a Healthy Business to Access Low-Cost Loans

by Chinwe Onyeagoro July 24, 2014

Small Business Funding

We all know the importance of health and wellness when it comes to our bodies and our minds. We take daily, monthly, and annual steps to prevent major health issues and maintain a good quality of life – from regular physician check-ups, to regular exercise, to taking vitamins, to getting rest and eating healthily. And, […]

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Crowdfunding Part II: Unexpected Benefits

by Chinwe Onyeagoro July 18, 2014


This is part two of a two-part series by Chinwe Onyeagoro, CEO of FundWell. In our last post, we talked about strategies for running a successful crowdfunding campaign, as told by Nikhil Arora of Back to the Roots. Back to the Roots is a sustainable foods business in the Bay Area that in 2012 raised […]

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5 Pins That Will Inspire You This Weekend

by Sarah Chang July 12, 2014

painting crop

We’re Pinterest fanatics – and you should be too. Whether you’re looking to make money, save money (or both!) Pinterest has some of the most inspiring and innovative ideas on the web. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. From side hustle to DIY, here’s the best of Pinterest this […]

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Crowdfunding Part I: Strategies for Success

by Chinwe Onyeagoro July 11, 2014

crowdfunding crop

This is part one of a two-part series by Chinwe Onyeagoro, CEO of FundWell. Be sure to check out part two, Crowdfunding Part II: Unexpected Benefits. Crowdfunding Part II: Unexpected Benefits What is Crowdfunding? Over the past few years, crowdfunding has emerged as a popular tool for individuals to raise financing for social causes and […]

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How Blogging is Helping Me Pay Off $100k in Debt

by Catherine MacLean July 3, 2014

blog money

I’ve always been interested in blogging and writing. I’ve had blogs in different niches and an interest in social media but always got bored with it because of lack of interaction. When my daughter was four months old, I started my blog Plunged in Debt out of boredom. It has become a place where I can vent and […]

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6 Signs You’re Ready to Start a Business

by Kali Hawlk June 27, 2014


Entrepreneurship is a wonderful thing. It provides us with the ability to make our own opportunities, to control our own careers, and to do work we love while enjoying personal freedom. Many of us dream about starting our own business for these very reasons. Although there are countless benefits to working for yourself and running your […]

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How I Found My Passion & Started My Own Business

by Ashley Feinstein June 11, 2014

AF Napa Crop

My Dad calls me Mrs. Magoo. I think it is because it may seem that I haphazardly plow through life full speed ahead and great things just happen to me. This may be the case and I know I’m very lucky but there is something to be said for following your passion and doing what […]

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Starting Your Own Business on a Budget

by Meredith Lepore June 2, 2014

business on a budget

It seems like every other day a young person is venturing out on their own and starting a new business. In fact, in 2013, 476,000 new businesses were created each month. And it should be noted that there are currently more than 8.9 million women-owned businesses in the US, employing 7.8 million people nationwide. Starting your own business sounds very […]

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How to Build Your Personal Brand

by Kali Hawlk May 30, 2014

build your personal brand

It’s wild to think that an entirely new economy has grown from the Internet in the form of digital, web-based businesses and enterprises. An entire system of companies and people with careers that didn’t even exist 25, 15, or even 5 years ago is thriving thanks to our global interconnectivity online. But as more and […]

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These 2 Fashion Startups Are Going To Change The Way You Shop

by Meredith Lepore May 25, 2014


Just when you thought that the fashion industry had reached its technological epitome with the recent success of user-friendly online shopping sites–household names like Rent the Runway or Etsy, just to name a few–here are two more fashion startups who are pushing the limits of fashion and technology even further than before. Chloe + Isabel and Tradesy, each […]

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Quitting My Job for Entrepreneurship: 6 Things I Learned

by Paulette Light May 15, 2014

quit my job

When people ask me why I left my high-powered job, I tell them the truth: it was the little things that finally put me over the edge. Calling around to ask my friends for the best ear tube doctor minutes before the start of a client meeting, hopping on a plane still emailing in search […]

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Meet a Financial Planner: Sophia Bera – Planning All Around the World!

by Rebecca Jackson May 2, 2014

Bera-Small-Headshot crop

In her own words, Sophia Bera is “not your father’s financial planner…more like your financially savvy best friend!” Certainly, it was unending questions from her friends that catalyzed her move into the world of financial planning. For those readers who think financial planning is all numbers and markets, note that Sophia was a double major […]

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Entrepreneurs: How to Build a Personal Brand

by Pamela Weinberg April 29, 2014


Increasingly, building a personal brand is important for all of us. But, for entrepreneurs it is critical. In fact, there are some branding experts who recommend that entrepreneurs brand themselves first, before spending too much time positioning your product or service. Certainly, great personal branding can make an entrepreneur synonymous with their company and the […]

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Meet a Financial Planner: Cathy Curtis – Taking a Leap and Living The Dream

by Rebecca Jackson April 25, 2014

Cathy Curtis crop

Cathy Curtis has always loved the world of business and finance, as evidenced by her childhood games involving her father’s old invoices! She learned how to invest for herself in her 20s and built up a stock portfolio that brought additional income. After climbing the corporate ladder for many years, Cathy took the leap into […]

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Side Hustle Series: I Work Several Jobs to Financially Survive Divorce

by Tracy Shevlin April 21, 2014

Divorce Crop

This is the third installment in the GoGirl Finance series called “The Side Hustle,” showcasing different ways people make money in addition to their day jobs in order to pay down debt or save money. Have a side hustle? Share your story with us: When my husband and I separated, I was forced to […]

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