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Here’s What You Missed at our #CreditSavvy Chat

by Jessica Jones September 16, 2014


We had a great time at our #CreditSavvy chat with MyBankTracker and Jeanne Kelly this week! Over the course of an hour we discussed tips and tricks to improve your credit score and ways to rebuild your credit. If you missed the chat (or just want a refresher) here are some of our favorite tweets. [View […]

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Parents: 4 Tips for Beating Birthday Party Excess

by Sarah Chang September 16, 2014

birthday party

As parents, it’s easy to get sucked into the excess of children’s birthday parties. Expensive venues, presents, and general overindulgence have become common for the sub-10-year-old crowd. Subsequently, it’s tough to say “no” when everyone else is doing it. But, not only is over-purchasing expensive, most of those new toys are forgotten within days (at […]

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6 Blogs Every Fashionista on a Budget Should Know About

by Meredith Lepore September 14, 2014

fashion blogs

With fall just around the corner, a lot of us are about to be overwhelmed with rocking the latest trends and styles (who is excited for boots?!). But in all the excitement of a new season, we tend to get wrapped up in the shopping even though in another month the styles are going to […]

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3 Tips for Achieving a Work/Life Balance

by Catherine Alford September 10, 2014

work-life-balance-pin2 crop

Let’s be honest. It’s not possible to have true work/life balance 100% of the time. It is possible, though, to have a day when you feel like you are balanced — a day when you feel like everyone’s needs are met (including your own). A day when you work, your kids are happy, and things […]

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Why We Bought Our First Home in Our 20s

by Kali Hawlk September 8, 2014

Home Renovations (Couple planning)

My significant other and I bought our first home together a few months before our wedding. I was 22 and he was 25 — by many standards, young for both marriage and home ownership. We chose to buy a home when all our friends were renting and far from settled down because we saw an […]

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Where to Find Designer Clothes at a Discount

by Case Drury September 7, 2014

frenchconnection-819x1024 crop

Finding designer clothes at a discount can be tricky. One option is to haunt estate sales and second hand stores near fancy neighborhoods and business centers. It’s a good idea in theory, but who really has time for that. Luckily, there are plenty of online sites where you can save big on your quest to […]

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Home Improvement on a Budget: 5 Pins That Will Inspire You This Weekend

by Sarah Chang September 6, 2014

home decorating

Having a comfortable and organized home can help you excel in other areas of your life. According to Apartment Therapy, “when you start to care about your home, it’s a sign you’re starting to care about yourself; the health of one begets the health of the other. Check the health of your home. What is […]

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How to Have a Monthly Money Date With Your Partner

by Kali Hawlk September 4, 2014

relationships crop

If you’re in a serious relationship, it’s vital to stay on the same page with your significant other about money. Why? There are several studies that state arguments over money early on in a relationship spell divorce. Money is at the heart of almost all we do in life, and if it’s one thing you […]

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10 End-of-Summer Recipes That Won’t Break the Bank (Slideshow)

by Sarah Chang August 31, 2014

Feast on the Cheap - Hot Summer Salad Resize

Those last few days of summer are always hard to give up. The sun…the slower pace…and the food (of course). There’s something about warm weather produce that’s beyond delicious. Even better are the simple dishes you can put together with just a few fresh ingredients. Labor Day may be on the horizon (literally), but don’t […]

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7 Tips For Saving on Those Last Minute Summer Sales

by Meredith Lepore August 30, 2014


This is really it. We are truly at the end of summer. No more summer Fridays, no more long lazy evenings, no more drinking iced coffee in the middle of the day. We’re sure you have your own list of warm weather indulgences you’ll miss once we hit September. Of course, on the plus side, […]

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Our Top 5 Websites for Budget-Friendly Clothes

by Case Drury August 26, 2014

Cheap and Chic Clothes

​Staying on trend can get pricey. Fortunately, with a little extra information, you can stay stylish without spending a fortune, all from the comfort of your browser. Here are our top five sites for serious fashionistas (with serious budgets to keep). Basics: Royal Apparel offers American-made basic apparel; tees, tank, leggings, etc., great for layering, […]

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Personal Branding: 5 Pins That Will Inspire You This Weekend

by Sarah Chang August 23, 2014

personal branding crop

Your personal brand is one of the most important things you create. GoGirl Expert Pamela Weinberg says “having a unique, well-defined brand is one of the keys to landing the job you want and having career success at the job you have. A strong personal brand will differentiate you from competitors; ultimately making you more […]

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Is Determination Enough to Achieve the American Dream?

by Rebecca Jackson August 22, 2014

Debbie Artaza

Graduation from college, for many young people, is a profound experience of crossing over from one world to another. Depending on one’s appreciation for the unknown, this is either a time of excitement, or a time of anxiety. Most likely, it’s a time of multiple mixed feelings. For Debbie Artaza, the journey is “bittersweet at […]

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How to Build a Professional Wardrobe

by Case Drury August 20, 2014

tailoring your clothes

Developing a professional wardrobe doesn’t have to be daunting or expensive. In fact, even with a small budget it’s possible to build a few versatile looks that will make you feel great – and could lead to even more success at work. The Basics Start with a few basic pieces – a print top, a […]

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How I Survive as a Single Mom

by Alexa Mason August 18, 2014

survive as single mom

It was the summer of 2012 when my life changed. I went from living the married life, having help not only with my two daughters but also financially, to living the single life. And even though I’ve made it through for the better, saying it was an easy transition would be a complete lie. I’ve […]

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7 Female Self-Made Millionaires (and a Few Billionaires) We Love

by Meredith Lepore August 17, 2014


It’s easy to sit around envying people with amazing career success stories and enormous fortunes (as a result of their success). But what we should really do is learn from them. We came up with a list of our favorite self-made millionaires (and a few billionaires) who worked their asses off (often starting with nothing […]

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Gearing Up For Fall: 5 Pins That Will Inspire You This Weekend

by Sarah Chang August 16, 2014

Gearing Up For Fall

Fall is on the horizon. And although it’s hard to believe (it seems like we just celebrated the first weekend of summer!) there’s no better time to make some positive changes. Whether you’re trying to get organized financially this September, have a child going back to school, or are just looking for something yummy to […]

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Here Are 16 Cities Where Women Are Outearning Men

by Meredith Lepore August 10, 2014


We know that women are definitely outearning men in some cities, but it’s nice to have a graphic representation of it. Luckily, our friends over at NerdWallet (using data from the U.S. Census Bureau) decided to conduct a survey and create a beautiful infographic. It found that there are 16 cities where this is happening. […]

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