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10+ Websites to Save You Money on Travel

by Katharine Paljug June 30, 2015


Planning a vacation this summer? Before you book anything, take some time to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible on your travel! We’ve rounded up our 13 favorite websites to help you save money while traveling in style. Airfare Skyscanner lets you look at hundreds of airlines and thousands of flights all at […]

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How To Throw a Summer Party on a Budget

by Sarah Chang June 29, 2015


Summer is officially here as of June 21. It’s time to fire up the grill and soak up sun, suds and fun on the deck or patio! Of course, entertaining can be stressful for some — especially if you’re on a budget. From sides to salads, getting it all together is overwhelming. But now’s not […]

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Nine Ideas For a Fun, Budget-Friendly Staycation

by Melanie Lockert June 26, 2015


Summer is a great time to get away, soak up the sun and enjoy life. But sometimes life makes vacationing difficult. Not only that, but between flights, hotels, restaurants, and transportation trip expenses can add up quickly. Luckily, there’s an alternative to pricey vacations — and if done right, they can be just as fun. […]

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These New Apps Will Make It Easier To Buy From Brands That Support Women

by Sabrina Rojas Weiss June 25, 2015

buy up

People go out of their way to buy cruelty-free skin products, fair-trade coffee, and free-range chicken. It’s not such a leap to assume they’re also ready and willing to choose businesses based on how they support women. If only they knew which businesses those were. That’s the idea behind two projects getting off the ground […]

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Five Ways To Eat Clean on a Small Budget

by Meredith Lepore June 25, 2015

Eating healthy on a budget

If you’re anything like me you’ll blame your lack of buying vegetables and other healthy foods on the fact that it costs a lot to eat really well. There’s a reason Whole Foods is nicknamed Whole Paycheck, after all. But according to celebrity trainer Joey Thurman — a nutrition expert and creator of The Lifestyle […]

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Four Tips to Avoid Lifestyle Inflation

by Kali Hawlk June 23, 2015


For most of us, it’s tough not to spend extra money when we get it. Maybe you switched jobs and got a significant raise, or enjoyed a nice year-end bonus last winter. You decided you could finally afford a nicer car, even though your current car worked just fine. Or you treated yourself to a […]

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Eight Wedding Gift Hacks (So You Don’t Go Broke This Season)

by Meredith Lepore June 22, 2015


We’ve all been there. It’s thrilling to hear a good friend announce her engagement. Then the invites the the shower, bachelorette, and destination wedding start rolling in. And all you see are dollar signs. It’s true, weddings have become atrociously expensive. In fact, a survey from American Express found the cost to attend a wedding has increased over […]

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Seven Summer Fashion Trends You Can Pull Off On Any Budget

by Meredith Lepore June 18, 2015


Summer is so close you can almost smell it. This is the time of year when we’re all craving a wardrobe update, whatever your budget. Of course, you don’t want to blow everything on summer clothing — especially when some of these looks will only be chic for three months. Lucky for you, we’ve done […]

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How Americans Feel About Finding Balance

by Erika Torres June 17, 2015


Do you ever feel like you’re just running the rat race, trying to make it to the end of day, and not truly living? You are not alone. 65% of Americans say they feel stressed to their limits, and one in three Americans cite income loss and increased amounts of personal debt as the cause […]

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Seven Proven Ways to Be Happier at Work (Starting Today!)

by Melody Wilding June 15, 2015


Are you happy at work? If someone asked you this question, what would first come to your mind? Maybe you’d evaluate your job satisfaction with the type of work you’re doing — does it fit your skill set and challenge you? Others may equate career happiness to compensation or the prestige of a particular employer. […]

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Seven Productivity Hacks That Will Change the Way You Work

by Meredith Lepore June 12, 2015


It can be tough to get anything done in the summer. The weather is incredible, everyone seems to be taking a vacation, and it’s hard not to yearn for those days when we all had seven weeks off. Unfortunately, you — like the rest of us — still have commitments, jobs, and families to answer […]

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Nine Summer Budget Beauty Finds for Under $15

by Meredith Lepore June 11, 2015


Summer is all about looking chic. Right? You probably just rolled your eyes. It’s pretty tough to look good when you have to deal with high temperatures, sudden rainstorms, and horrible humidity. Products can help — but you probably don’t want to spend a fortune on items you’ll only use for a few months. We’ll, […]

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Five Questions to Ask Before You Combine Finances

by Katharine Paljug June 10, 2015


Are you and your partner planning to combine your finances? Whether you’re married, moving in together, or making a long-term commitment, combining your finances is both exciting and scary. Are you ready to take that step? And once you do, how will you make everything work? The best way to figure out if you’re ready […]

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Seven Tips For Working Out On A Budget This Summer

by Meredith Lepore June 9, 2015


Bikini season — or summer — is right around the corner. You may want to hide in a closet right about now — but trust us, there’s no need to! We all know working out can cost a small fortune, but there are ways to get your exercise groove on without breaking the bank. We […]

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A Budget-Friendly Father’s Day Gifts Guide

by Meredith Lepore June 5, 2015


Father’s Day is upon us once again. The day to celebrate dear old dad (or any paternal figure in your life). It should be a joyous time. Still, if your dad is anything like mine, he’s impossible to shop for and insists he doesn’t want anything. Of course it would be easy to just get […]

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Tell Us About Yourself: Take The Women & Money Poll

by GoGirl Staff June 4, 2015


The financial industry wants to hear from you, and this is your chance to tell them what you actually want and need. If you’re tired of being stereotyped (you’re more than just a student, a mom, a millennial, you’re so much more!), tell us who you really are. We’ll publish the results, along with expert […]

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Save Money: Say “I Don’t” to These Wedding Expenses

by Kendal Perez June 3, 2015

wedding crop

According to the Real Weddings Study commissioned by the creator of The Knot, the average wedding cost (excluding the honeymoon) in 2013 was just shy of $30,000. That’s nearly $1,500 more than 2012 ($28,427), and close to 10-percent higher than 2011 ($27,021). In fact, the amount spent on weddings has been on the rise since […]

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Join Us for Our #HappyCareer Chat!

by Jessica Jones June 1, 2015

melody wilding

Are you happy at work? Looking to increase your happiness at work? Join us and expert Melody Wilding for our #HappyCareer on Thursday June 25, 2015 at 7:00pmET. Melody Wilding, LMSW is licensed therapist, coach, and behavior change expert who helps women overcome the emotional challenges that come along with having a successful career. Melody […]

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