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5 Gifts to Give Yourself Before Year End

by Ashley Feinstein December 18, 2014

Gifts to Give to Yourself

During the holiday season we tend to spend a lot of time and money on gifts for others. Here are six gifts you should commit to gifting to yourself before year-end – and they’ll even benefit those you love and care for as well. The Gift of Wealth While you don’t need to be spending […]

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How I Started Enjoying the Holidays — Without a Credit Card

by Katharine Paljug December 16, 2014

Online Christmas Shopping

The holiday season is a time to focus on all sorts of wonderful things, like family, faith, generosity, and giving. Unfortunately, it’s also often a time to focus on buying things. Our consumer culture regularly forgets about peace and love in favor of flash sales and blowing your savings on presents. This year, instead of […]

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12 Inspirational Quotes for Professional Women by Professional Women

by Michelle Mavres December 11, 2014

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater's 50th Anniversary Opening Night Gala - Inside

Everyone needs a little pick me up now and again, sometimes it’s a cup of coffee, sometimes it’s a catnap with your feet up on your desk, but more often than not, just contemplating something inspiring can get us over the hump. These inspiring quotes from women—all of whom probably had days just like the […]

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Use Those Vacation Days Now, Or You Might Be Losing More Than You Think

by Sabrina Rojas Weiss December 10, 2014


When was the last time you told your boss, “You know, I don’t really need all this money; here’s 1 percent back”? If you didn’t take all of your vacation time for the year, basically you did. Americans handed over 169 million paid days off in 2013 (not counting the ones they could roll over), […]

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Six Ways to Find Work-Life Balance During the Holidays

by Kirsten December 8, 2014

Work Life Balance Holidays

December has arrived, and while I love this time of year, it always feels chaotic. November through early January are my busiest times of the year. After work, I have tons of things to do – decorating for the holidays, cooking, shopping and gift wrapping. Let’s not even get started on parties! This is one […]

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Christmas Gifts Under $50 for Everyone on Your List

by Erika Torres December 5, 2014

christmas pin

Christmas is only a couple of weeks away. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably still unprepared. And with good reason — the holiday season can be overwhelming! Sometimes it seems like there are far too many choices and not enough time to sift through everything. Add to that the budget you’re probably trying to […]

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Still Uninsured? Find Out What That Will Mean Come Tax Season

by Sabrina Rojas Weiss December 4, 2014

Affordable Care Act

Remember back when the Affordable Care Act was passed, and no one really read all the details of it, because there were so, so many, and it wasn’t going to go into effect until the far off future? While many of us are now enjoying the benefits of the insurance marketplace, and getting ready to […]

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Wow At Your Holiday Parties With These Three Fashion Secrets

by Sarah Chang December 3, 2014

wow at christmas party

December is here—as is the what-to-wear dilemma. With holiday parties, work events and happy hours on the calendar, it’s hard to make time for yourself—much less plan your outfits. Tracy DiNunzio—CEO and Founder of Tradesy, an e-commerce style destination where consumers buy and sell both luxury and mass produced clothing and accessories—spoke with us about […]

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How to Teach Your Children the True Spirit of Christmas (and Stop Spending)

by Sarah Chang December 2, 2014

How To Keep The Holidays from Getting Out Of Control

As a child, I didn’t understand the fatigue my parents experienced during the holiday season. Now I have two daughters, December has just begun, and I’m already exhausted.  My 4.5 year old began a Christmas list far before Thanksgiving, and recently it seems that I hear “I want for Christmas, I need for Christmas” on […]

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Six Tips to Deal With Holiday Spending Stress (That Don’t Involve Lying!)

by Meredith Lepore December 2, 2014

lying about spending

December is a great time. Who doesn’t look forward to giving gifts, parties festivity? But it’s also a time of lying and major financial anxiety, according to a new survey by McGraw-Hill Federal Credit Union. Egg nog, mistletoe, and lying to your significant other? Happy Holidays! The survey polled over 1,000 couples in three different segments: […]

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Five Big Holiday Stressors For Women (and How To Deal With Them)

by Meredith Lepore December 1, 2014

holiday-stress crop

The holidays can be wonderful, but also incredibly stressful with family demands, travel plans and money worries. According to a survey from the American Psychological Association, nearly half of all women in the United States experience heightened anxiety during the holidays, at great risk to the health of their minds and bodies. To further emphasize […]

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Six Tips for Surviving Black Friday (and Not Overspending)

by Meredith Lepore November 26, 2014


It’s Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving! However, it’s already being overshadowed by Black Friday and all of its sales. Because Black Friday started this morning around midnight. Maybe even earlier. And frankly, can a big turkey and your annoying relatives stack up against 50% off a big screen TV? Nearly 70% of Americans — an estimated 97 […]

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One Black Dress, Five Ways

by Sarah Chang November 21, 2014


The season of holiday parties is upon us. As always, it promises loads of fun — but doesn’t come cheap. Who has the money (or the time) to come up with a different ensemble for each event this December? The good news is you don’t have to. We spoke with Tracy DiNunzio, CEO and Founder […]

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Marriage & Money: How to Divide Bank Accounts

by Katharine Paljug November 17, 2014

Couple and money

Where do you and your spouse put your money? It seems like a straightforward question, but for many new couples it’s a minefield. Should you combine everything into joint checking and savings accounts? Have individual accounts and put a portion of your income into common accounts? If you keep some of your money separate, does […]

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Turn Your Closet into Holiday Cash In Three Steps

by Erika Torres November 14, 2014

Closet into holiday cash

It happens to the best of us — despite the best of intentions to save for the holidays in advance, sometimes we just can’t get enough money together. What’s a girl to do? To begin with, don’t panic. There is still hope. With Christmas right around the corner, and no wiggle room in your budget, it is possible […]

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Five Ways to Trim Your Thanksgiving Budget

by Erika Torres November 12, 2014

Thanksgiving-Spread crop

Halloween has passed, Thanksgiving is among us, and stores are already shoving Christmas down our throats. It’s this time of the year that makes even the most financially savvy among us fear for our budgets. But don’t worry, GoGirl has you covered on how to throw a fabulous Thanksgiving feast on a budget. Here are […]

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How 4 Women Entrepreneurs Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance

by Kali Hawlk November 6, 2014


Employees and entrepreneurs alike have long struggled with finding success in striking the perfect work-life balance. But in our modern world that is constantly mobile and plugged in, achieving work-life balance becomes significantly more difficult. Gen Y women may have a unique experience in seeking balance, because we’re members of the first demographic to have […]

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8 Reasons to Shop on Black Friday

by Sabrina Rojas Weiss November 5, 2014

Black Friday crop

The ads for Black Friday sales start earlier every year, spurring us into excitement and anxiety over the coming holiday season before we’ve even bought our Halloween candy. The concept of “Friday” gets broader each year too, with Macy’s leading a pack of stores that have announced they will open on Thursday at 6 p.m., […]

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