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The Broke Woman’s Guide To Philanthropy: How to Give Back Without Breaking the Bank

by Mary Beth Storjohann December 1, 2015

hand gives coin to beggar

With the holidays upon us and the year coming to a close, it’s no-doubt that the topic of year-end giving and serving others is on the mind of many.  However, this may also be the time when you’re feeling the most pressed for cash. So how can you make an impact or change with a cause […]

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These New Apps Will Make It Easier To Buy From Brands That Support Women

by Sabrina Rojas Weiss June 25, 2015

buy up

People go out of their way to buy cruelty-free skin products, fair-trade coffee, and free-range chicken. It’s not such a leap to assume they’re also ready and willing to choose businesses based on how they support women. If only they knew which businesses those were. That’s the idea behind two projects getting off the ground […]

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Get Dirty and Help Raise Money for Breast Cancer

by Meredith Lepore October 2, 2014

breast cancer 150X221

October marks the start of Breast Cancer Month. Though there are countless ways to give money and time to help fight this disease that impacts so many women, we’ve got one of the coolest. If you don’t mind a little mud. Mud runs — which began in the 1980s – have been growing in popularity […]

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How to Make a Financial Impact for International Women’s Day

by Rebecca Jackson March 7, 2013

international women

Ahead of tomorrow, GoGirl Finance would like to wish all of our followers a very happy International Women’s Day! As we take a moment to reflect on the social, political and economic progress women have made since International Women’s Day was first recognized in the early 1900s, it is also exciting to think about the […]

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Hurricane Sandy: How To Help

by Sarah Chang November 6, 2012


In the wake of devastating Hurricane Sandy, much of New York was left flooded and without light. Here at GoGirl Finance, several of us did experience power outages and damage, however we’re all incredibly lucky and continue to think of those who weren’t as fortunate. It’s heartbreaking. Now, as we begin the recovery effort, many […]

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How to Start a Company While Working Full-Time : Live Chat on 9/12

by Aleeka Kay Edwards September 10, 2012

Angela Lee

Angela Lee adopts a pragmatic attitude when it comes to starting a business- she keeps her “day job”.  Angela started three companies while keeping her full-time job, a feat  that relies as much on setting boundaries as it does on time management. Are you taking complete advantage of your full-time salary?  Will keeping two jobs […]

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Women and Giving: Are we taking charge or overextending when it comes to giving?

by Kathleen Fordyce August 15, 2012

hand giving money to another

A lot has changed in the past 20 years. Women have taken the workforce by storm and can pursue any occupation their hearts desire. As our earning power has skyrocketed and our financial independence has grown, another trend has emerged–women are taking a starring role in philanthropy. According to the Women’s Philanthropy Institute, part of the […]

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Great Products that Benefit Breast Cancer Research

by Sarah Chang September 30, 2011


October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Here are nine great purchases you can make (that will also leave you feeling amazing). Each of these items donate all or some of the proceeds to breast cancer research. There’s something for every interest, at every price point. Get clicking, put your money to good use, and […]

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Microfinance, Women and Social Change

by Guest September 26, 2011


This guest post is by Roxana Zadeh. After working at Glaceau VitaminWater and Stella McCartney, Roxana was an analyst with The Ackman-Ziff Real Estate Group. She studied at the American University of Paris and received her BA in Business Administration from Boston University in 2010. Women around the world are taking pocket change and changing […]

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We Provide Access to a Car, She Provides the Drive

by Guest July 20, 2011

We Provide Access to a Car

This is a guest post by Elexa Ruth. Elexa is a senior at Tulane University in New Orleans where she works as a contributing writer and photographer for the local magazine, Where Y’at. The freedom of finally getting a driver’s license, and eventually a car, is something some of us are lucky to have experienced.  I was lucky […]

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