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Save Money: Say “I Don’t” to These Wedding Expenses

by Kendal Perez April 9, 2014

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According to the Real Weddings Study commissioned by the creator of The Knot, the average wedding cost (excluding the honeymoon) in 2013 was just shy of $30,000. That’s nearly $1,500 more than 2012 ($28,427), and close to 10-percent higher than 2011 ($27,021). In fact, the amount spent on weddings has been on the rise since […]

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From Two Incomes to One: How to Make the Switch

by Mary Beth Storjohann April 7, 2014

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Making the decision for one partner to leave the workforce for any period of time is always a tough one. Perhaps you’d like to spend time with children, need to care for an aging parent or are planning to launch a business that will require sacrificing some income for a few years. To minimize financial […]

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Why and How We Save Half Our Income

by Kali Hawlk April 3, 2014

Couple discussing finance for first time

I’m an inquisitive person by nature. I like to ask questions and when someone tells me that something is done a certain way, my first thought is, “why?” Understanding the why behind the way things work is important to me. When I started asking how much I needed to save for retirement, I wasn’t satisfied […]

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The Conversation Every Gen Y Couple Should Have

by Meredith Lepore March 31, 2014

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Though retirement doesn’t sound like the most romantic of topics, it is the conversation every Gen Y couple should have. Retirement may seem incredibly far away, but it’s important to start thinking about it now. According to Fidelity’s fourth Couples Retirement Study, approximately four in ten couples don’t agree on the lifestyle they want in retirement. The […]

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Too Taboo? People Would Rather Talk About Death Than Finances

by Meredith Lepore March 10, 2014

Talking About Money With Friends

Religion and politics are often identified as things you shouldn’t discuss in polite conversation. These topics are often seen as too personal, too controversial, or too argumentative. But a new new survey from Wells Fargo shows that Americans find personal finances just as difficult to talk about. Money has almost become a third “taboo” topic. Money: […]

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How Your Relationship with Money Impacts Your Other Relationships

by Ashley Feinstein February 28, 2014

Married Couple Paying Bills

Having a relationship with money is a new concept for many, but in reality we have relationships with anything and everything in our lives. We have relationships with people, our job, work in general, shopping, vacation, and anything else, you name it! Our relationship with money is about how we interact and relate to money […]

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5 Money Habits That Will Ruin Your Marriage

by Erika Torres February 17, 2014

Couple8- fighting

When it comes to marriage and money, my husband and I did everything wrong. We barely talked about finances before we got married. We had no idea how much debt we each had. We had no idea how much money we made jointly. It was the perfect start to wedded bliss, right? Not exactly. If […]

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Love and Money: How Our Marriage Survived Debt

by Melissa Jasmin February 13, 2014

Married Couple Paying Bills

They say there’s a saver and a spender in every couple. Soon after getting married, I learned that my husband was the spender. But although I coined myself the saver, I really wasn’t. I was a spender too; I was unrealistically holding onto money whenever it would come in, and then emotionally spending it on […]

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How I Achieved My Dream Wedding on a Real World Budget

by Ilana Nutkis February 10, 2014


When my husband and I got engaged, I had no idea what was coming: A year of Pinterest boards, vendor meetings, and wildly over-ambitious craft projects, squeezed in between law school classes, research papers, and internships. Planning the wedding of your dreams – and staying on budget – is a challenge, but it can also […]

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Are You Cheating On Your Partner…With Money?

by Meredith Lepore February 7, 2014

financial infidelity

In the past, it used to be a given that newlyweds would unconditionally apply the “What’s mine is yours; yours, mine” mentality to everything, including their finances. Most of us probably recall our parents pooling all of their money into a joint bank account. In contrast, many of my newlywed friends have told me that […]

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‘Tis the Season for Spending and Lying – Here’s How to Deal

by Meredith Lepore December 4, 2013

lying about spending

December is a great time. Who doesn’t look forward to giving gifts, parties, and general festivity? But it’s also a time of lying and major financial anxiety, according to a new survey by McGraw-Hill Federal Credit Union. Egg nog, mistletoe, and lying to your significant other? Happy Holidays! The survey polled over 1,000 couples in three […]

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Before “I Do”: How I’m Financially Preparing for Marriage

by Daisy D November 13, 2013


My fiancé and I are getting married in less than a year,  and while we have been living together for more than five years, there are still a lot of things we’re doing to financially prepare for marriage. Because we knew each other throughout college, and when we landed our first “real” jobs, we feel […]

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Marriage & Money: How We Paid Off $45,000 of Debt in 45 months

by Erika Torres November 12, 2013

cake-topper wedding couple and piggy bank( money troubles concept )

It wasn’t until about three weeks after our wedding that my husband and I decided to sit down and go over all our finances. This is when we discovered that we had more than $45,000 of combined debt, including a car loan, credit card debt, and the bulk in student loans. Starting off our marriage […]

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Frugal Fun Day: 5 Great Budget Conscious Dates

by Sarah Chang October 3, 2013

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Here at GoGirl Finance we’re committed to encouraging smart money choices. Likewise, we’re always on the search for great ways to have fun and stretch a dollar. Tomorrow is Frugal Fun Day (yes, it exists). In honor, we reached out to members of our community on Twitter for some budget-conscious date suggestions. Here are five […]

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How I Saved Money on My Wedding

by Mary Beth Storjohann September 20, 2013

Wedding couple standing on a Dollar Bank Note

When my hubby and I got engaged, we didn’t expect to plan our wedding in less than a year – but life is unpredictable, and that’s what happened. Looking back, we realize that our situation was unique in that we each had saved up a reasonable amount to contribute to the event, enabling us to […]

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Real Life: My Husband Makes More Money

by Guest August 28, 2013


Today , we’re featuring a guest post from our friends over at Learnvest. No matter how far removed an argument was from our finances, at the climax of each disagreement my husband would throw his breadwinner status in my face, as if to say I had no right to complain about anything. He was, after […]

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Real Life: How Living Together Ruined My Finances

by Guest August 19, 2013

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We’re featuring a guest post from our friends over at Learnvest about how moving in together can affect your finances. First off, let me say that I have no moral qualms about cohabiting: No “Why would he buy the cow …?” arguments here. In fact, I lived with my ex-boyfriend through most of my twenties […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Love and Money

by Erika Torres June 28, 2013

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This month on GoGirl Finance, we sought to figure out how to manage our money within a relationship. Love and money are complicated beasts and every bit of information we can learn about how to balance both of them effectively will help make us smarter and wiser. Here’s what we covered this month on GoGirl […]

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