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Gearing Up For Fall: 5 Pins That Will Inspire You This Weekend

by Sarah Chang August 16, 2014

Gearing Up For Fall

Fall is on the horizon. And although it’s hard to believe (it seems like we just celebrated the first weekend of summer!) there’s no better time to make some positive changes. Whether you’re trying to get organized financially this September, have a child going back to school, or are just looking for something yummy to […]

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Financial Self-Improvement: 5 Pins That Will Inspire You This Weekend

by Sarah Chang August 9, 2014

Women making toast at outdoor table

There’s always room for improvement in life – and we believe that’s particularly true when it comes to your finances. It’s always possible to build a better budget, cut out unnecessary expenses, or become better organized. Of course, it takes a little bit of leg work. But luckily there are infinite resources available on the […]

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Financial Check-Up: 5 Pins That Will Inspire You This Weekend

by Sarah Chang August 2, 2014

finances on track

We’re just past the half-way point in 2015; the perfect time to plan a thorough check up with your finances! (Of course we know  you’ve been having your monthly money dates, right?)! This week we’ve got the best of Pinterest that will keep you on track with your bank account. Need to get back on […]

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What Missing a Credit Card Payment Could Cost You

by Ashley Feinstein July 15, 2014

late payment.jpg

Have you ever wondered what missing a payment on your credit card is really costing you? It is probably costing you more than you think. A late credit card payment can actually negatively impact you in three ways — by decreasing your credit score, increasing the interest rate you get on future loans, and causing […]

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5 Ways to Achieve Financial Independence

by Meredith Lepore July 3, 2014

ways to be more independent with your finances crop

The 4th of July is one of our favorite holidays here at GoGirl, mostly because it’s all about independence. And whether it be our independence as a country – or just our as an individual, we need to celebrate. One of the first ways of doing so is by taking control of our personal finances. […]

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How Blogging is Helping Me Pay Off $100k in Debt

by Catherine MacLean July 3, 2014

blog money

I’ve always been interested in blogging and writing. I’ve had blogs in different niches and an interest in social media but always got bored with it because of lack of interaction. When my daughter was four months old, I started my blog Plunged in Debt out of boredom. It has become a place where I can vent and […]

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How We’re Paying Off $100k in Debt

by Catherine MacLean June 24, 2014

couple debt

They say that the first year of marriage is the most difficult out of all the years that you’re married. I completely disagree. The first year of parenthood is, without a doubt, the most difficult. I speak from experience. And because of our financial situation, we had even more added stress. How Pregnancy Can Impact […]

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5 Money Tips for My Graduating Daughter

by Jackie Cummings Koski June 17, 2014

Graduation Crop

I have been a single mom for the past 9 years and graduation day finally arrived for my only daughter, Amber. While raising her, I didn’t want money to be taboo to talk about like it was when I was growing up in the 80s. So, I’m glad it was often a topic of conversation […]

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Spent: Looking for Change – The Price of Being Underserved

by Anchal Ahuja June 13, 2014

amex_infographic_1_large crop

Did you know that nearly 70 million Americans are underserved by traditional financial services? According to the 2011 National Survey of Unbanked and Underbanked Households by the FDIC, “8.2% of all households in the U.S., 17 million adults, are unbanked; and 20% of all households, 51 million adults, are underbanked.” To be “unbanked” is to […]

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How I Broke Up with Debt and Fixed My Life

by Michelle Jackson June 5, 2014

pay off debt

My financial journey began when I was just 16 years old. I asked my mom if I could start working, but she had her reservations. I eventually landed my first job at a sandwich shop in downtown Denver, where I made $4.75 an hour. I felt RICH! As I set off to begin my new life […]

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How We Paid Off $60k of Debt Early

by Amanda Grossman May 29, 2014

paying off debt early

Racking up $60k in debt is not the hard part, it’s paying it off early that stumps most. I’m a money-loving gal with an eye for a good deal and a head for finances. So how did someone like me end up $59,496 in debt? Life–which included graduating from a great, four-year college and getting married […]

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3 Better Ways to Manage Your Student Loans

by Kaitlin Butler May 21, 2014

Student Loans 2

When you first started out with student loans, you, like many other borrowers, were probably an intrepid student excited about the college experience ahead. Fast forward to now, and median student loan debt has climbed to over $57,000 for graduate students. Many borrowers are experiencing the challenges presented by the broken student loan system: high […]

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Three Financial Mistakes I Made (and What You Can Learn from Them)

by Alice S May 21, 2014

Debt Mistakes.jpg

I graduated college with no debt, thanks to my parents. I was ready to take on the world, lease my own apartment, get a credit card, and become an adult. And so I did. Along the way to adulthood, I also racked up debt, made a lot of mistakes, and learned from them. Racking Up My […]

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How To Forgive Yourself for Your Financial Follies

by Rebecca Jackson May 9, 2014

Forgive Your Financial Mistakes

Have you ever missed a credit card payment or ignored a bill? Has this has happened more than once? Have you ever cashed out a retirement account or raided your emergency savings for non-emergencies? Have you racked up debt for no real reason, or even racked up debt for very good reason, and then felt […]

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Error on Your Credit Report? Here’s How to Deal With It

by Ashley Feinstein April 24, 2014

Young woman using a laptop

You took our recommendation and pulled your free annual credit report from and found an error. Now what? First, pat yourself on the back! Pulling your credit report is a very important first step to maintaining a high credit score. Why is it so important? With a higher credit score, you can save thousands […]

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How to Tackle Student Loans on Your Terms

by Kaitlin Butler April 23, 2014


When you first started out with your student loans, you, like many other borrowers, were probably an intrepid undergrad or graduate student excited about the college experience ahead. Fast forward to now, and many borrowers are experiencing the challenges presented by the broken student loan system in the U.S.: high rates, confusing and obscure payment […]

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Forgive & Heal Your Personal Finance Follies: Free Teleseminar 4/22

by Sarah Chang April 15, 2014


Most of us have slipped up financially at some point in our lives. Whether you’re out of debt or still paying it off, you’re probably familiar with the guilt that accompanies financial mistakes. It’s time to forgive yourself. Join us, along with Brittney Castro, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, next Tuesday, 4/22, at 5 pm PST / […]

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5 Pins That Inspired Us This Week – April 12, 2014

by Sarah Chang April 12, 2014

Pins that inspired us crop

Spring is a great time to start fresh – and tackling your debt is a great place to begin. If you’ve been thinking about chipping away at credit card bills – or anything else – we have the round up for you. From getting into the right mindset, to paying off your debt more quickly, […]

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