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How to Tackle Student Loans on Your Terms

by Kaitlin Butler April 23, 2014


When you first started out with your student loans, you, like many other borrowers, were probably an intrepid undergrad or graduate student excited about the college experience ahead. Fast forward to now, and many borrowers are experiencing the challenges presented by the broken student loan system in the U.S.: high rates, confusing and obscure payment […]

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5 Pins That Inspired Us This Week – April 19, 2014

by Sarah Chang April 19, 2014

5 Pins That Inspired Us Crop

If you’re anything like us, Spring leaves you itching for a few wardrobe updates. Here at GoGirl we love sticking to a budget, but aren’t opposed to tweaking what we wear with a new accessories or pieces every season. If you’re in need of a clothing refresher, we have the round up for you. From […]

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Meet a Financial Planner: Mary Beth Storjohann – Fears to Fearless

by Rebecca Jackson April 18, 2014

MBheadshot crop

If you need proof that you don’t have to live for eternity with money fears, Mary Beth Storjohann – founder of Workable Wealth – is that proof.  After landing a job in a boutique financial planning firm at age 18, she turned her negative money beliefs on their head and changed her major.  Known for […]

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Forgive & Heal Your Personal Finance Follies: Free Teleseminar 4/22

by Sarah Chang April 15, 2014


Most of us have slipped up financially at some point in our lives. Whether you’re out of debt or still paying it off, you’re probably familiar with the guilt that accompanies financial mistakes. It’s time to forgive yourself. Join us, along with Brittney Castro, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, next Tuesday, 4/22, at 5 pm PST / […]

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5 Pins That Inspired Us This Week – April 12, 2014

by Sarah Chang April 12, 2014

Pins that inspired us crop

Spring is a great time to start fresh – and tackling your debt is a great place to begin. If you’ve been thinking about chipping away at credit card bills – or anything else – we have the round up for you. From getting into the right mindset, to paying off your debt more quickly, […]

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Meet a Financial Planner: Fradel Barber, the Visionary Entrepreneur

by Rebecca Jackson April 11, 2014

Fradel Barber Crop

Fradel Barber is a born educator. One of 12 siblings (!), she honed her teaching skills at a very young age. Her creative bent took her via fashion school but, she soon changed direction to embark upon her life’s mission – to bring financial services education and advice to middle America. A successful leader of […]

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The 5 Minute Routine That Could Protect You From Fraud

by Ashley Feinstein April 8, 2014

Protect Your Finances Crop

You’ve probably heard the horror stories. Someone stole a friend’s identity and took out thirty thousand dollars on their home equity loan or started charging large purchases to their credit card. Identity theft and financial fraud are unfortunately very real problems we have to deal with in today’s’ world. Here’s a five minute monthly routine […]

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5 Pins That Inspired Us This Week – April 5, 2014

by Sarah Chang April 5, 2014

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This week we’re all about frugal living. Sometimes a few small changes can make a big difference in terms of dollars saved. From how to save on your grocery budget, to teaching your kids about money, to making the most of frugal swaps, here’s what inspired us this week. Looking to save on groceries? Feel […]

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Meet a Financial Planner: Galia Gichon Keeps it Down to Earth

by Rebecca Jackson April 4, 2014


In our third “Meet a Financial Planner” we get grounded with the founder of Down to Earth Finance, Galia Gichon. As someone who once dreamed of being an accountant it’s no surprise that Galia has always been more confident about managing her own finances. Instilling this confidence, and understanding, is Galia’s passion and she believes […]

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Personal Finance Workshop: Simple Steps for Long-Term Wealth and Zero Debt

by Rebecca Jackson April 2, 2014

ashley-feinstein-bio crop

A recent TIAA Cref survey showed that more people will spend two hours or more choosing a restaurant or picking out a flat-screen TV, than planning their retirement investments! Hopefully we don’t have to tell you that this is not good. If you’re guilty of spending more time buried in Zagats than planning your finances, […]

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3 Ways to Stay Organized All Year Round to Make Taxes a Breeze

by Ashley Feinstein April 2, 2014

Stay Organized Crop

With tax season coming to an end, it’s important to reflect. Was preparing this year’s taxes a nightmare or a breeze? For most, it doesn’t matter if you prepare them on your own or with a tax accountant; it’s not an overwhelmingly positive experience. We have to sort through emails, sift through papers, recover lost […]

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5 Pins That Inspired Us This Week – March 29, 2014

by Sarah Chang March 29, 2014

5 Pins That Inspired Us Crop

Saturday is here and we’re thinking Spring! It’s been a rough winter for so many of us, but this weekend we’re looking forward – and thinking about ways we can get this season started off right. From budgeting, to cooking, to getting your side hustle going, here’s what inspired us this week. Having trouble with […]

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Should You Use an Online Bank? Feedback from Your Fellow GoGirls

by Erika Torres March 27, 2014

online-banking-quote crop

In an increasingly connected world many day-to-day transactions now disintermediate people. Banking is no different. According to the Pew Research Center as many as 51% of Americans reporting an online banking experience. Logging into your bank’s app is one thing but, what about eschewing typical brick and mortar banking altogether and switching to an exclusively […]

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How To Create a Budget That Makes You Happy

by Ashley Feinstein March 26, 2014

Checking Account online(1)

The word budget often brings to mind feelings of restriction, lack and scarcity as we imagine ourselves on a starvation money diet. We may feel that when on a budget, we don’t let ourselves buy and do certain things and can miss out on some great life opportunities. We ask ourselves questions like, “would I […]

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5 Pins That Inspired Us This Week – March 21, 2014

by Sarah Chang March 22, 2014

5 pins edit

Here at GoGirl Finance we’re huge fans of Pinterest. We love the information and inspiration in your boards, and can’t get enough of the brilliant tips and beautiful images. That’s why we’re curating our favorite Pins, and wrapping them up into a new Saturday series for you. From career, to investing, to improving your living […]

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Here’s What You Missed at #SavingsChat: Recession Proof Your Life

by Jessica Jones March 10, 2014


We had a great time at our #SavingsChat last week! Over the course of an hour we talked about starting your own side hustle as well as the ups and downs that come with this jump. We were joined by  Kimberly Palmer – financial columnist, author and entrepreneur! Recognizing that journalism offers little job security these […]

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Too Taboo? People Would Rather Talk About Death Than Finances

by Meredith Lepore March 10, 2014

Talking About Money With Friends

Religion and politics are often identified as things you shouldn’t discuss in polite conversation. These topics are often seen as too personal, too controversial, or too argumentative. But a new new survey from Wells Fargo shows that Americans find personal finances just as difficult to talk about. Money has almost become a third “taboo” topic. Money: […]

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4 Steps to Creating a Budget that Maximizes Your Happiness

by Ashley Feinstein March 7, 2014

Creating a Budget That Maximizes Your Happiness

While the word budget makes many people cringe, budgets are just a tool we have available to consciously allocate our spending in ways that make us the happiest. Doesn’t that sound much better? Here’s how to do it in 4 easy steps. Understand your “Pie” At any given point in time, we have a certain […]

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