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Meet a Financial Planner: Galia Gichon Keeps it Down to Earth

by Rebecca Jackson April 4, 2014


In our third “Meet a Financial Planner” we get grounded with the founder of Down to Earth Finance, Galia Gichon. As someone who once dreamed of being an accountant it’s no surprise that Galia has always been more confident about managing her own finances. Instilling this confidence, and understanding, is Galia’s passion and she believes […]

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Personal Finance Workshop: Simple Steps for Long-Term Wealth and Zero Debt

by Rebecca Jackson April 2, 2014

ashley-feinstein-bio crop

A recent TIAA Cref survey showed that more people will spend two hours or more choosing a restaurant or picking out a flat-screen TV, than planning their retirement investments! Hopefully we don’t have to tell you that this is not good. If you’re guilty of spending more time buried in Zagats than planning your finances, […]

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5 Pins That Inspired Us This Week – March 21, 2014

by Sarah Chang March 22, 2014

5 pins edit

Here at GoGirl Finance we’re huge fans of Pinterest. We love the information and inspiration in your boards, and can’t get enough of the brilliant tips and beautiful images. That’s why we’re curating our favorite Pins, and wrapping them up into a new Saturday series for you. From career, to investing, to improving your living […]

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How Much Time and Energy Do You Spend on Stuff?

by Carrie Birgbauer February 11, 2014

Too tired to wait for bed

Do you ever wonder about how much things actually cost you–in terms of your time and energy? It’s what I call the Life-Energy Number, the “real” price of things, relative to your life. With this concept, I’m inviting you to think about the actual impact of your spending habits on yourself, not just its impact […]

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Are You Cheating On Your Partner…With Money?

by Meredith Lepore February 7, 2014

financial infidelity

In the past, it used to be a given that newlyweds would unconditionally apply the “What’s mine is yours; yours, mine” mentality to everything, including their finances. Most of us probably recall our parents pooling all of their money into a joint bank account. In contrast, many of my newlywed friends have told me that […]

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Join us for #SavingsChat!

by Jessica Jones January 28, 2014

Mary Beth

We are excited to be hosting our second #SavingsChat! We loved talking to you about your savings goals for 2014 and getting tips from Manisha Thakor on how we can make those goals a reality. For this #SavingsChat we will be joined by expert Mary Beth Storjohann and will be discussing our emotional relationship with […]

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5 Financial Habits to Break Right Now

by Kali Hawlk January 16, 2014

Woman Working From Home Using Laptop

You’ve got a fresh start on a new year. It’s the perfect time to take the opportunity and evaluate your finances. It’s also a good idea to be honest with yourself and make sure you’re not behaving badly when it comes to your money. If you want to make this year a better one for […]

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Three Easy Ways to Save $50 a Month

by Daisy D January 13, 2014

playful young girlfriend using chopping board for slicing tomatoes

The end of 2013 has come and gone, and as part of starting a new year, I always do a financial review. This helps me start fresh in the new year, and also gives me an opportunity to re-balance my investment portfolio, re-work my budget, and slash any expenses that I could do without. The […]

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Win $5,000 in Moven’s “Live Rich, Spend Smart in 2014” 
Social Media Contest

by Sarah Chang January 6, 2014

moven contest

Here at GoGirl Finance, we believe living rich does not mean mindless spending. 2014 is about getting back on the up-tick and making smart spending decisions that enable us to live rich not only every day, but for the long term. That’s why we’re so excited to tell you all about Moven’s “Live Rich, Spend […]

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7 Financial Resolutions You Should Make For 2014

by Meredith Lepore December 31, 2013


It’s New Year’s Eve – and 2014 is right around the corner (literally). Can you believe it? There are so many resolutions you may try to make: eating healthier, traveling more, or a host of others. But we have a set of resolutions that will truly change your life. Here are seven financial resolutions you […]

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5 Gifts to Give Yourself Before Year End

by Ashley Feinstein December 30, 2013

Gifts to Give to Yourself

During the holiday season we tend to spend a lot of time and money on gifts for others. Here are six gifts you should commit to gifting to yourself before year-end – and they’ll even benefit those you love and care for as well. The Gift of Wealth While you don’t need to be spending […]

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Your Financial Checklist for 2014: 6 Things You Should be Doing

by Erika Torres December 23, 2013

Financial Checklist

2014 is just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you should say “goodbye” to 2013 quite yet. Here at GoGirl, we’ve put together a Financial Checklist to help you get your finances in order for 2014. See how many you can cross off before the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve. Set financial goals for 2014 […]

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6 Things You Should Do With Your Holiday Bonus

by Meredith Lepore December 17, 2013

Portrait of businesswoman holding digital tablet

After a couple of very lean years for many businesses, the holiday bonus (as well as the company party) is back! According to a new CareerBuilder study, 45% of employers plan on giving out bonuses this year, up from 33% in 2010. What a treat to get some extra dough at the end of the year. Now, […]

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Introducing #SavingsChat: With Prizes from Betterment & Manisha Thakor!

by Rebecca Jackson December 10, 2013

Manisha-Thakor Crop

Exciting news: We’re launching #SavingsChat, on Twitter, on December 18. Yes, we realize it’s the middle of holiday spending season but, no, we haven’t gone (totally) crazy! We’re gearing up for new year’s resolutions and the possibilities that a new year can bring – metaphorically and otherwise. Plus, given many of us haven’t yet finished […]

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Join Us For Our #FitFinances Twitter Chat!

by Jessica Jones December 3, 2013


As 2013 comes to a close, have you taken some time to give yourself a quick financial check up? Have you looked back on this year and see how you did with your budget? Are all your financial documents in order? Not sure where to start? Join us for our #FitFinances chat, hosted by Mary […]

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The GoGirl Guide to Saving and Investing

by Kate Furlong December 3, 2013

Young woman with jar of coins

We know, you’ve heard it many times before – to successfully plan for the future, you must live below your means and use the remainder of your income to save and invest. [Editor’s Note: If you’re not sure whether you’re living within your means, check out the GoGirl Guide to Making a Budget.] But, what’s […]

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How I Learned To Be Happy With My Financial Situation

by Kali Hawlk November 27, 2013

Happy with Financial Situation

I’ll be the first to admit I’ve been guilty of falling into the comparison trap. It’s only natural to want to take a peek at what others have and take inventory of our own lives. Unfortunately, this meant I often ended up feeling unhappy. It always seemed like I was coming up short – in […]

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The GoGirl Guide to Making a Budget

by Kate Furlong November 26, 2013


No matter where you are in life – whether you’re getting started with your first job, planning for a big change, or simply validating your incomings and outgoings – creating a budget is an important way to lay, and maintain, your financial foundations. What is a Budget? A budget is a written plan that helps […]

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