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How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half

by Sarah Chang July 30, 2014

how to cut grocery bill

Have you ever been sucked into an Extreme Couponing marathon? You’re not alone. I’ve spent hours in awe of the people profiled, who somehow manage to get five carts of food for free. In that time I could have found and clipped my own coupons, of course. But it’s far more fun – and less […]

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5 Ways to Build Your Emergency Fund on a Limited Budget

by Sarah Chang July 28, 2014

emergency fund crop

In On My Own Two Feet: A Modern Girl’s Guide to Personal Finance, GoGirl Finance’s favorite expert, Manisha Thakor and co-author Sharon Kedar share some thought-provoking statistics, “50 percent of Americans would struggle to come up with $2,000 in a pinch. A whopping 64 percent of Americans do not have enough savings to handle even […]

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5 Fresh Ways to Save Money

by Kali Hawlk July 23, 2014

groceries crop

Finding costs to cut in an effort to boost your savings isn’t always easy. Let’s be honest: constantly looking for new ways to save money gets old after a while. Thankfully, we’ve got 5 fresh ways to save money this month that will leave you feeling inspired and excited about the cash you can put […]

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Bust These 5 Bad Excuses for Not Saving

by Kali Hawlk July 14, 2014

Saving Crop

We all have our excuses for why we can’t do this or that. When it comes to good money management habits, those excuses for why we’re not doing what we know we should with our finances can become endless. It’s an issue Millennial women in particular need to get under control. We’re behind Gen Y […]

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5 Pins That Will Inspire You This Weekend

by Sarah Chang July 12, 2014

painting crop

We’re Pinterest fanatics – and you should be too. Whether you’re looking to make money, save money (or both!) Pinterest has some of the most inspiring and innovative ideas on the web. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. From side hustle to DIY, here’s the best of Pinterest this […]

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Saving Half Your Income: How We Do It

by Erika Torres July 9, 2014

saving half our income.jpg

Just four years ago, my husband and I had $45,000 in debt. Today, we’re saving half our income. No, we didn’t win the lottery. We do it the old-fashioned way with lots of sacrifices and hard work. This is how we do it. We Paid Off Our Debt When my husband and I first got […]

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5 Ways to Achieve Financial Independence

by Meredith Lepore July 3, 2014

ways to be more independent with your finances crop

The 4th of July is one of our favorite holidays here at GoGirl, mostly because it’s all about independence. And whether it be our independence as a country – or just our as an individual, we need to celebrate. One of the first ways of doing so is by taking control of our personal finances. […]

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5 Reasons to Start a Savings Account Today

by Andres Riobueno July 2, 2014

start-savings-account crop

Whether you have begun working or not, opening a savings account is one of the most important steps you can take toward becoming financially independent and achieving your dreams. Here are five good reasons why you should start a savings account today. 1. To Start Building Wealth The road to financial freedom begins with a […]

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Millennials: Why Aren’t Women Saving As Much As Men?

by Meredith Lepore June 30, 2014


Bad news, ladies: Men are saving more than women. We may be graduating from college and masters programs at higher rates and we may be the breadwinners in some marriages, but apparently we aren’t saving as much as our male counterparts. Men Saving, Earning More Than Women According to a new study by Wells Fargo, 45% are not […]

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How to Build Your Emergency Fund

by Taylor Gordon June 26, 2014

emergency fund

The fabled emergency fund. You keep hearing about it. You know you need one. But maybe you haven’t started one, or you haven’t saved up enough to cover much more than a minor hiccup. You’re not the only one: nearly 25% of Americans only have enough saved to take care of just one month’s worth […]

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4 Tips to Get Your Kid Excited about Saving Money

by Kathleen Rohan June 18, 2014

DCF 1.0

Every time I walk into the CVS Pharmacy with my six-year-old son, he is drawn like a magnet to metal to the rack of $5.99 toy cars. After living in this town for three years, he has a few (many more bought by Grandma than me). But it still turns into an argument when I […]

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5 Money Tips for My Graduating Daughter

by Jackie Cummings Koski June 17, 2014

Graduation Crop

I have been a single mom for the past 9 years and graduation day finally arrived for my only daughter, Amber. While raising her, I didn’t want money to be taboo to talk about like it was when I was growing up in the 80s. So, I’m glad it was often a topic of conversation […]

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Spent: Looking for Change – The Price of Being Underserved

by Anchal Ahuja June 13, 2014

amex_infographic_1_large crop

Did you know that nearly 70 million Americans are underserved by traditional financial services? According to the 2011 National Survey of Unbanked and Underbanked Households by the FDIC, “8.2% of all households in the U.S., 17 million adults, are unbanked; and 20% of all households, 51 million adults, are underbanked.” To be “unbanked” is to […]

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How to Enjoy Life Today while Saving for Tomorrow

by Kali Hawlk June 10, 2014

saving for tomorrow

Many of us are caught between two extremes: we either feel like we have to live it up while we’re young, or we have to squirrel away every last cent to secure happy, comfortable lives for ourselves down the road. We need to learn how to balance these money management habits. Yes, there is a […]

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3 Better Ways to Manage Your Student Loans

by Kaitlin Butler May 21, 2014

Student Loans 2

When you first started out with student loans, you, like many other borrowers, were probably an intrepid student excited about the college experience ahead. Fast forward to now, and median student loan debt has climbed to over $57,000 for graduate students. Many borrowers are experiencing the challenges presented by the broken student loan system: high […]

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How to Help a Friend Reach Her Financial Goals

by Kathleen Rohan May 19, 2014

helping friends

Setting a goal is easy – sticking to it is the tricky part. Having someone to cheer you on, offer encouragement and help you get motivated after a slip-up can mean the difference between success and failure. If a friend mentions a money goal – whether it is to pay off her credit card debt, […]

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5 Pins That Inspired Us This Week – May 17, 2014

by Sarah Chang May 17, 2014

5 Pins That Inspired Us Featured

Interested in investing? Good for you! Now’s the time to get educated and take action with your finances. Finding a Certified Financial Planner and checking out some great technology platforms are good places to begin. And don’t forget to start with these pins we loved this week – they’re all fantastic resources on the subject […]

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How to Save Money on a New York City Vacation

by Tonya Rapley May 11, 2014

Couple vacationing with child (road trip)

New York City. You have to admit the name in itself holds weight.  It’s perhaps the most known city of the United States and in 2012 over 52 million tourists descended upon the city to experience it’s allure. Visiting the city however can be as expensive as it is magical. Tourists contributed an estimated $36.9 […]

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