It’s that time of year again. Tax Day is looming large and all across America, people are hastily analyzing their tax returns to see what tax deductions they might be able to claim. For some, it can be a real headache sifting through a pile of dockets and invoices in order to ascertain what can legitimately be claimed back from the IRS.

For a select few, Tax Day presents an opportunity to seek out the most bizarre expenses and attempt to deduct these from their taxes. Amazingly, this can work quite often, as evidenced in the infographic below from All Finance Tax, a tax consultancy company based in Ireland. Among those featured is the woman who worked in her condominium and successfully claimed for more than $13,000 on the basis that noise from barking dogs was adversely impacting her work. There’s also the extraordinary case of the exotic dancer who claimed a tax deduction for breast augmentation and, after the IRS said no, the Tax Court ruled in her favor, decreeing that the implants were so large that they were only useful for her business.

While such unusual claims will not be granted all of the time, it proves that it is worthwhile exploring all of your expenses to see if there is anything a bit off-beat that might just get the approval of the Tax Court. In the meantime, we invite you to read this rather fun infographic below!

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