Chalkboard drawing - now or laterDo you put tasks off to the last minute or ignore them altogether? Are you the person calling credit card companies at 11:59 pm to make your payment or scrambling to file your taxes on time? Chronic procrastination can have ill effects on all aspects of your life but it can be especially damaging when it comes to your finances.

Fortunately, September 6th is Fight Procrastination Day (yes, it exists) – the perfect opportunity to join GoGirl Finance in getting proactive with your financial to-do list (and  you even have a day to procrastinate!) If you achieve even one thing from our suggestions below, or a long overdue item from your own list, you’ve made progress.

Clear Headspace – Make a List

If you’re overwhelmed by the amount of your to-dos, make a simple list before doing anything else. David Allen’s work-life management system – Getting Things Done – recognizes that our brains aren’t built to cope with endless lists; especially the ones that exist mainly in our head. So get a pen and paper or use an online tool like Todoist and unload every little and large task for instant relief.

Celebrate a Quick Win (or Two!)

For more immediate gratification, tackle one of the items from this checklist that the GoGirl team compiled:

  1. Check that the auto-renew is off on all those pesky things like digital magazine/newspapers subscriptions, online clubs and domain names you own. It’s too easy to waste money when subscriptions just renew themselves.
  2. Make sure your credit card is set to pay off in full each month wherever possible–don’t lose out to interest payments! If you can’t pay it in full, can you add some extra dollars to the monthly minimum?
  3. Do you know the exact interest rates and other terms and conditions for your credit cards? If not, take a moment to read the small print.
  4. Check that your spouse, or whomever is appropriate, is a named beneficiary on your pension accounts, savings, and investments.
  5. Open that savings account you’ve been meaning to open for years and start saving now! Even better – set up an automated deduction from your checking account to make things super easy. If you’re not sure where to save, we’re a big fan of Betterment.
  6. Check the fees that you’re paying on your pension and mutual funds accounts. Are they higher than you expected? Is it time to switch providers?
  7. Set up that lawyer’s appointment, or time with your partner, to do your wills.
  8. Dust off that budget you established a while back and revive it ahead of the holidays (yes, that time of year is fast approaching).
  9. Finally download that app that will track your spending and give you real-time updates on your purchases. We really love Moven.
  10. Organize all of your bills into one place – either a home filing system or even a cloud-based filing system like Manilla.
  11. Make sure you’ve signed up for the GoGirl Finance email newsletter so that you never miss out on our financial tidbits.
  12. Last but not least, why not book a session with a financial adviser to make sure you’ve got your financial house fully in order? Try one of our experts or LearnVest.

Each member of the GoGirl team is going to tackle an item off the list above, or something else we’ve been meaning to do forever–and we’ll all be reporting back on our progress.

Please help us spread the word – Tweet this to your followers – so we can #FightFinancialProcrastination all across the country!  And, don’t forget let us know what you conquered so we can pass on our CONGRATS!