We’ve all blundered through enough life experiences to realize, smacking ourselves in the foreheads, that hindsight can be 20/20. But so can foresight, with a little guidance from someone who’s beenthere and donethat. On November 13, GoGirl teamed up with 40:20 Vision to bring together a group of women—specifically seven women in their 20s and seven women in their 40s, or so—to share advice, stories, and experiences about life and finances, in hopes that the way forward might be a little clearer for us all.

The event is a part of a series of mentorship events by 40:20 Vision, which was started by Christina Vuleta to bridge the gap between women starting out and women who are in the midst of it all. After a couple of hours (and with the accompaniment of wine and appetizers!) some insightful advice had been shared that we now want to share with you! Here is a 3-point roundup of what we learned—and don’t miss our video!


Q: When you get married–how do you join your finances?
A: The resounding answer at the table was to work with a “Yours, Mine, and Ours” system. In other words, keep some aside for yourselves and have a joint account as well. This serves both a personal and a practical purpose.


Q: What do you do about student loans after graduation?
A: Be patient, know that it will take a while, but always pay them off a little at a time.


Q: How do I start saving?
A: Rather than thinking of it as a savings account, think of it as a dream fund. Contribute to it knowing one day you’ll use it to fund your dream. The day will come!

It was a great night for 20-somethings to see that they shouldn’t shy away from seeking a little guidance from someone who’s pushed through those rough years of student loans, starting salaries, and fledgling spending and saving habits. And the 40-somethings left with a sparkle in their eyes, relishing in the idea that, in a way, they were giving their 20-something former selves a little peek at the future, so that foresight might be 20/20 too.

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