friends moneyDo you have a friend who makes more money than you? Do you have a friend who has parents that pay for her major expenses? Perhaps you have a friend with a trust fund and money to burn?

I think we all have at least one of these friends, the type of girl who seems to have it made. She can eat at whatever restaurant she wants and buy whatever she wants. When you go out to eat with her or go shopping with her, she seems to swipe her dad’s card without a care in the world.

Let’s be honest here. This friendship can be a little awkward.

Now, I’m sure you love your friend. She’s probably fabulous and fun to be around. Plus, she lets your borrow her designer clothes whenever you have a date. In all these ways, you’re probably really compatible, but when it comes to money, it’s hard not to be in the same league.

In order to preserve your friendship and prevent it from becoming strained, try these tips below.

Don’t go shopping together.  When someone has significantly more money than you, it can be really hard to shop together. You likely won’t go to the same stores, and she might be able to purchase things you can’t, which can build resentment. Instead, go to a movie together where the tickets cost the same or perhaps go see a Broadway show. These kinds of outings make you more equal and can lighten the mood.

Set limits on gifts.  If you feel uncomfortable receiving a new designer bag when all you’ve purchased her is a cool new book, set limits on what you’re going to spend on each other for birthdays and holidays. Even better, offer to take her out for lunch on her birthday and choose the restaurant yourself.

Be happy for her.  I know it’s hard, but when in doubt, simply be happy for your friend. Listen when she describes how great her child’s new school is. Tell her that her new stilettos are gorgeous (because you know they are!) Ask for suggestions for the best places to eat on special occasions since she’s been to them all.

Essentially, as long as you have a real, true friendship, she will also show interest in your life and your pursuits. Friendships between women shouldn’t be about money, and money shouldn’t cause a strain in your relationships.

Have you ever had a friend who makes more money than you? How did you handle it?