The Hot Mommas Project–it’s as provocative and imitable as it sounds.

For almost a decade, The Hot Mommas Project has been a source of real inspiration for women, promoting leadership and the spirit of independence through entrepreneurship, perseverance, and fearlessness.

The project is built around an online case study library which has been stocked over the years with real stories about female role-models of all ages and backgrounds. Refugees, teen mothers, entrepreneurs, survivors–the case studies are unanimously inspiring, written by the “protagonists” themselves.

Upon discovering this project, one question came to mind: why “case studies;” why not just call them stories?

As I became better acquainted with the project, I discovered that in reading these case studies, I was not simply inspired but also instructed; they were examples to live by, or as The Hot Mommas Project espouses it, “a bridge between theory and reality [which] moves the reader as close as possible to a real-life experience.”

For the past couple years, The Hot Mommas Project has held an annual case competition. You can nominate a role model–yourself included–and submit a case study that will, win or lose, become an integral component in keeping the project’s library refreshed and well-stocked. In addition, there are several special categories to which a case can be submitted–not to mention, the Schwab Financial Literacy Category.

The Hot Mommas Project is currently accepting submissions for the 2012 competition, so browse through the library of case studies and get inspired to be an inspiration!