social media pinterestThis is the second of a two-part post on Personal Branding by personal brand expert, Pamela Weinberg. The owner is an independent career coach and works with clients in all phases of career development. Read Part One on How to Build Your Personal Brand.

We spoke Monday about How to Build Your Personal Brand. Today’s post focuses on how to utilize social media to build your brand.

Create a Dynamic LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is utilized by over 90% of hiring managers, so it is more important than ever to have a strong presence. Having a dynamic LinkedIn profile that showcases your personal brand is key to career success. Some tips for building a strong profile include:

  • Photo: Should be face only, with professional attire and a clean looking background
  • Professional Summary: This is the place to sell your brand and to tell your unique story. Blend your skills, experience and expertise here.
  • Keywords: Utilize key words in your “skills” section and in your professional summary to ensure that your profile gets seen by hiring managers.
  • Recommendations: Recommendations from former bosses, colleagues, and peers help to round out your profile. It is suggested to have one recommendation for each position listed on your profile.
  • Be an Expert Utilize LinkedIn as a tool to brand yourself as an expert in your field. Share links to relevant articles in your field, news about seminars or workshops you are attending, and news about your career or company.

Leverage Twitter

Take to Twitter. Twitter is a great place to follow those who are experts in your field and to develop relationships. Re-tweet relevant posts; and tweet your own industry insights. Look at for top tweeters in each field.

Be Professional on Facebook

Employers spend more time looking for candidates on Facebook than they do on LinkedIn! If your Facebook profile is not for professional use, make sure to manage your privacy settings to block strangers from viewing it. There are some strategic ways however to utilize Facebook to build your brand.

  • Utilize status updates to let your Facebook friends know what you are doing: your “friends” on Facebook are often quite different from your connections on LinkedIn. Your old friend from grade school may be in a position to help you land your next job.
  • “Like” and be active on company fan pages if you are a job seeker.
  • Use your Facebook to access and

Now that you’ve laid out your personal mission, built, and monitored your brand, what’s left? The last point may be the most important: maintain. Brand maintenance and continuity is what keeps you current and in the public eye. Your brand is not meant to be stagnant, but to continue to grow and evolve as you do, so keep it current and updated.

Good luck building your brand!