jacquette-timmonsA few weeks ago, I worked with the staff at GoGirl Finance and asked them to create a customized webinar to discuss medical school loans. It’s a topic that’s frequently mentioned in the medical community, and yet so little information is available on ways to pay back such huge sums. Caryn Effron and Sarah Chang at GoGirl Finance were generous enough to help us. They selected Jacquette Timmons of Sterling Choices as the expert to handle our questions and present us with a webinar.

Jacquette did an excellent job of listening to the needs of my community, a group of 100 or so spouses of medical school students, all attending an international school. Our student loans will be above the $300,000 mark when our students graduate, which left my community with a lot of questions regarding our futures. The most pertinent questions involved our future as families. Many of us wondered if we’d be able to afford having children or even buy a house like so many of our friends and family members who did not take the medical school route. Luckily, Jacquette was able to answer all of our questions, building her webinar around the theme of “Managing Expectations.”

Jacquette utilized several visual aids, asking us to write down what we want to earn, spend, save, and invest in the four quadrants of a circle. Unlike many financial experts, Jacquette asked us to fill in the numbers we wanted (not the numbers we have) to find out how much we needed to make to have those goals fulfilled. This helped us to visualize where we’d like to be. For now, however, we will have to adjust these numbers based on our student loan disbursements.

The other important piece of advice that Jacquette gave us was to use our student loans like a salary. This means that even though it’s borrowed money, we should save, spend, and invest just as we would if we were getting paychecks. This helped many women to feel as though they could get started on many of their savings and retirement goals.

Overall, we really appreciated the time that Jaquette took to do her research on our situation and present it in a fun and interesting way. She has a great personality and is very approachable and easy to listen to. We would highly recommend her services in the future. You can learn more about Jacquette and her financial advising services by visiting www.SterlingChoices.net.