A few weeks ago, the New York Times Economix blog posted an interesting piece, entitled “M.B.A.‘s Have Biggest ‘Mommy Penalty’, Doctors The Smallest.” In it, Steven Greenhouse states that: “Among highly educated women who take time off from their careers to raise their children, women with M.B.A.’s suffer the largest percentage ‘mommy penalty,’ while those with medical degrees suffer the lowest proportionate loss, with female Ph.D.’s and lawyers falling somewhere in between.”

As a woman with an M.B.A. who took time off to raise my own baby, I can’t help but admit that the article gave me the chills.

But then I realized that as frightening as the article is, it stacked me up against data taken from males with M.B.A.s. What I really want to know is how my income compares to other women. If all women suffer from the “Mommy Penalty”, but my M.B.A. gets me higher paying jobs than some doctors or lawyers, then isn’t my degree an asset rather than a hindrance?