This is a sponsored post written on behalf of The Dental Insurance Shop.

Today, there are millions of Americans who live without a health insurance plan. This can make confronting medical issues a very overwhelming challenge. There are statistically recognizable differences in the health of those who do have health insurance and those that do not. We wrote this article to help those confronting the harsh reality that their financial outlook can largely determine the quality of their health care. Fortunately, we did find many ways to get around the stumbling block that is not having proper insurance for you and your family.

Problems with the Emergency Room Method

Before recommending specific strategies, we should mention one option that far too many people are settling for, the emergency room strategy. Allowing the emergency room to become the primary source of medical care can greatly increase your bills, defeating the purpose of seeking health care without insurance. The reason we wrote this is to reassure people that alternatives do exist, in fact, there are even numerous low priced and free options.

Consider a Primary Care Doctor

Don’t let not having insurance shy you away from calling a doctor’s office. This does not prevent you from paying using other methods, and many even accept cash. In fact, research has shown that many facilities actually prefer cash as they do not need to handle the complexities that come with an insurance plan. Thus, paying with cash can provide you the leverage necessary to negotiate a discount. If you do manage to get one, get it down in writing before undergoing treatment.

Direct Care from Primary Provider

If you are uninsured, receiving health services directly from a primary provider can be the most affordable and convenient option. Many are beginning to switch from the standard health insurance plan by choice in favor of this method. To briefly explain, an uninsured patient can pay a direct care provider a flat fee or membership fee at a monthly rate. This fee remains flat no matter the condition or frequency of your visits.

The same idea applies to those without dental insurance, another common problem in today’s world. Often times dentists can offer direct treatment for those who are without dental insurance for an affordable rate, so there is no good reason to neglect your oral health either.

Urgent Care Option

The urgent care method is quickly growing in popularity across the nation. Without insurance, that price can often be equal to that offered by a regular doctor visit paid in cash. These facilities are a much better option than emergency rooms because they offer a better deal for what you get. This is especially true when your health concern is not an emergency because of the smaller size of the facility, reducing your chances of getting sicker while there. Not to mention, the lines are shorter.

Walk In Clinics

Walk in clinics are perhaps the most convenient of all. They are so friendly to those without an insurance plan that many foreigners decide to use them. There is also no loss in terms of professionalism at these clinics as they are staffed with top-notch practitioners. Look for these facilities online to find a location near you.

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of The Dental Insurance Shop.