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Meet a Financial Planner: Leisa Peterson – Managing Money Mindfully

by Rebecca Jackson July 4, 2014

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Leisa Peterson is a “pioneer in money mindfulness.” Having spent more than 20 years working at some of the biggest financial institutions in the country, Leisa embarked upon an entrepreneurial journey to connect money management with spirituality. Her company, WealthClinic, helps people to unravel their (sometimes limiting) money beliefs in order to take control of […]

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5 Ways to Achieve Financial Independence

by Meredith Lepore July 3, 2014

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The 4th of July is one of our favorite holidays here at GoGirl, mostly because it’s all about independence. And whether it be our independence as a country – or just our as an individual, we need to celebrate. One of the first ways of doing so is by taking control of our personal finances. […]

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How Blogging is Helping Me Pay Off $100k in Debt

by Catherine MacLean July 3, 2014

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I’ve always been interested in blogging and writing. I’ve had blogs in different niches and an interest in social media but always got bored with it because of lack of interaction. When my daughter was four months old, I started my blog Plunged in Debt out of boredom. It has become a place where I can vent and […]

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5 Reasons to Start a Savings Account Today

by Andres Riobueno July 2, 2014

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Whether you have begun working or not, opening a savings account is one of the most important steps you can take toward becoming financially independent and achieving your dreams. Here are five good reasons why you should start a savings account today. 1. To Start Building Wealth The road to financial freedom begins with a […]

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7 Almost Effortless Ways to Save Money

by Meredith Lepore July 2, 2014

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Some of us are very good at saving money, but some of us still struggle. (And if you fall into this category – don’t worry! You aren’t alone.) Figuring out where you’re spending every penny can be pretty challenging. And implementing changes that will help you save a few extra dollars even more so. Still, […]

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10 Reasons Why America Needs 10,000 More Girls in Tech

by Ruthe Farmer July 1, 2014

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As temperatures rose in the Southeast earlier this month, another tragic story about a child forgotten in a hot car made its way around the news cycle.  In response, 17-year-old Courtney opened her laptop and built Guardian Angel, a mobile app that reminds parents to check the car seat before exiting the vehicle. Courtney is smart […]

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10 Ways To Get Around The Starbucks Price Raise

by Meredith Lepore July 1, 2014


In case you hadn’t heard, your favorite massive coffee chain is pushing up prices on its already expensive drinks. Starbucks is raising prices on lattes, brewed coffee and ground coffee, due in part to substantial drought in Brazil.  Grande and venti brewed coffee will increase by 10 to 15 cents, while tall and venti lattes will see price increases of 15 to 20 cents. […]

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Millennials: Why Aren’t Women Saving As Much As Men?

by Meredith Lepore June 30, 2014


Bad news, ladies: Men are saving more than women. We may be graduating from college and masters programs at higher rates and we may be the breadwinners in some marriages, but apparently we aren’t saving as much as our male counterparts. Men Saving, Earning More Than Women According to a new study by Wells Fargo, 45% are not […]

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How to Take Advantage of Summer Without Going Broke

by Kali Hawlk June 29, 2014


Schools are out and summer is here! The next few months are peak times for a variety of events, from travel and vacations to weddings and summer fun. With peak season, however, comes peak price. Summer activities and plans can easily bust your budget if you’re not careful. So check out these tips for saving […]

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Planning a BBQ on a Budget? 5 Pins You Should Read

by Sarah Chang June 28, 2014

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July 4th is on the horizon, and parties are on our mind. We love throwing a great BBQ on a budget, but it’s tough to know where to start. From sides to salads, getting it all together can be overwhelming. Still, now’s not the time to get discouraged. From side dishes to saving money, here […]

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6 Signs You’re Ready to Start a Business

by Kali Hawlk June 27, 2014


Entrepreneurship is a wonderful thing. It provides us with the ability to make our own opportunities, to control our own careers, and to do work we love while enjoying personal freedom. Many of us dream about starting our own business for these very reasons. Although there are countless benefits to working for yourself and running your […]

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How to Build Your Emergency Fund

by Taylor Gordon June 26, 2014

emergency fund

The fabled emergency fund. You keep hearing about it. You know you need one. But maybe you haven’t started one, or you haven’t saved up enough to cover much more than a minor hiccup. You’re not the only one: nearly 25% of Americans only have enough saved to take care of just one month’s worth […]

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5 Reasons to Quit Your Job

by Taylor Gordon June 25, 2014

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There comes a time in every employee’s life when just the thought of waking up for one more day of your job is just too… paralyzing. Especially if you know your skills can find you better work. You may consider sticking it out, however, you still get this overwhelming pit of dread that starts growing […]

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5 Habits Causing You Stress — and How to Break Them

by Ashley Feinstein June 24, 2014

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Raise your hand if by the end of the day you feel spent. Between work, home, and life, the reality is most of us end up running for most of the day. Add in the fact that as women we often have a tough time saying “no” – it’s a recipe for chaos. As Carl […]

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How We’re Paying Off $100k in Debt

by Catherine MacLean June 24, 2014

couple debt

They say that the first year of marriage is the most difficult out of all the years that you’re married. I completely disagree. The first year of parenthood is, without a doubt, the most difficult. I speak from experience. And because of our financial situation, we had even more added stress. How Pregnancy Can Impact […]

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How I Learned to Stop Overspending

by Kali Hawlk June 23, 2014

woman shopping

When I was in college, having my own part-time job provided me with a tiny bit of discretionary income that I could use as I liked. Unfortunately, that money tended to burn a hole through my pocket. I never spent more than I earned, but every payday saw me with about $50 in my checking […]

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Working Mom: How I Find a Work-Life Balance

by Catherine MacLean June 22, 2014

working mom

I don’t think there is any job out there that is as demanding as being a mom. It literally consumes every second of my life; your mind never turns off of being a mom. If you haven’t already seen the viral YouTube video about world’s toughest job, check it out. It pretty much sums everything […]

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5 Pins That Inspired us This Week: Beauty on a Budget

by Sarah Chang June 21, 2014

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Beauty products can be complicated, and they can be expensive. Raise your hand if you’ve ever walked out of Sephora with 3 products you didn’t intend to buy. But beauty on a budget is possible, if you know where to look. And it’s important to be conscious and careful about what you’re buying so as […]

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