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How to Use Social Media to Get the Job You Want

by Melanie Lockert November 6, 2015

Social Media Job

Looking for a job? Fall’s a great time to focus on turning your career up a notch. But have you really thought about how you’re looking? Now’s the time. You may be going the traditional route — sending in your resume and cover letter only to wait…and wait. You may be sending out hundreds of […]

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What You Really Need To Know About Health Insurance And Taxes This Year

by Sabrina Rojas Weiss November 5, 2015


Around this time every year, we start hearing the words “open enrollment” all over the place, and our stomachs churn with anxiety. Signing up for health insurance is an obnoxious ordeal full of guesswork (How sick will I really get this year? Do I ever need to use doctors out of my network?), math (Is […]

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Seven Meal Delivery Services That Will Save You Time and Money (and Keep You Healthy!)

by Meredith Lepore November 4, 2015

Meal Delivery

We’ve all been there. It has been a super long day and even though you thought you could motivate yourself to cook, you just don’t think you can muster the energy to lift a fork. Yes, you could order food. But it’s expensive, and you know what you’re eating just isn’t as healthy (most of […]

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How to Make a Great Impression at a New Job

by Katharine Paljug November 2, 2015

Great Impression at a New Job

Between the networking, the cover letters, and the interviews, it can feel like nothing is tougher than getting hired. Until, of course, you start your first week at a new job and you have to figure out how best to make a place for yourself. Should you try to stand out or go with the […]

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Cheap and Easy Costumes You Can Make Yourself (Really!)

by Sabrina Rojas Weiss October 29, 2015


For some, Halloween is the perfect chance to show off their crafty, creative skills, and they relish spending October making the perfect witty, flattering costume. The rest of us usually find ourselves scrambling in the last week of October to buy something overpriced (generic sexy pirate lady you will never wear again, just $64.99!) from […]

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Budget Destinations for Winter Travel

by Katharine Paljug October 28, 2015

Study abroad (Italy)

When winter rolls around, with freezing temperatures and grey skies, it’s almost impossible not to dream of a jumping on a plane and heading somewhere — anywhere — else. A look at your bank account may convince you that your vacation is going to stay completely imaginary, but that doesn’t have to be the case! […]

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Seven Scary Financial Mistakes You Can Easily Make

by Meredith Lepore October 27, 2015

scary mistakes

Halloween can be pretty scary — between the horror films and decor, not to mention all those extra candy corn calories. But even scarier are the financial mistakes you might be making now — some of which can haunt you for years to come. Here are some of the worst. 1. Not Being Organized You […]

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The 10 Best Pieces of Financial Advice For My 20-Something Self

by Sarah Chang October 23, 2015


Ever thought about what you would tell your younger self if you could look back? Well, time machines don’t exist yet, but we rounded up some of the best advice from women who have been there. Here’s what 10 women would tell their 20-something selves. What would you add? [View the story “The 10 Best […]

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Finding Flex Work for High-Powered Moms

by Heather Hunter October 21, 2015

Stay at Home Mom

It’s no secret that the choices left to working mothers in the U.S. are… well, not really choices at all. The lack of paid leave, the constant fight for work/life balance and the mom guilt drive many smart, talented women from the workforce at the prime of their careers. One such smart, talented mom is […]

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Join Us for Our #HolidaySave Twitter Chat!

by Jessica Jones October 21, 2015

Holiday Shopping Gift

Holiday shopping blow your budget last year? Looking for some good tips to save this holiday season? Join us and savings expert Kendal Perez for our #HolidaySave Twitter chat October 28 at 8:30pmET. Kendal Perez is the Savings Expert for and blogger for She takes a practical approach to saving money, seeking simple ways to cut […]

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How to Save Money By Having a Winter Wedding

by Katharine Paljug October 20, 2015


Planning a winter wedding? While summer and fall are more traditional and popular times for tying the knot, a winter wedding can be a great option for a bride and groom on a budget. In winter, supply and demand is your friend: fewer couples plan to get married in the winter, which means lower prices […]

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Save Money By Buying These Seven Things In The Fall

by Katharine Paljug October 19, 2015

buy these things in the fall

You already shop around from store to store to find the best deals. But did you know that you should shop around from season to season too? From big ticket items to little indulgences, getting the best possible deal can depend on the time of year that you are shopping. Here are seven purchases that […]

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Seven Things You Should Do Now to Fend Off Holiday Debt

by Meredith Lepore October 16, 2015

Holiday Debt

It seems hard to believe that we’re already talking about the holidays, but once October is over, you know the big ones are coming. The period between Thanksgiving and Christmas always seems to pass in a flash; it’s a month of parties, clothes, events, and excess spending. So how can we limit the fallout? We talked […]

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Why You Should Listen To What Jennifer Lawrence Is Saying About The Wage Gap

by Meredith Lepore October 14, 2015

Jennifer Lawrence

You wouldn’t think an uber-successful actress like Jennifer Lawrence would have a lot of worries in her life (I mean when your best friend is Amy Schumer, what can you be upset about it?) However, like all women, she still has to deal with the wage gap — something we found out earlier this year […]

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10+ Tips for Saving Money on Holiday Travel

by Katharine Paljug October 14, 2015


The approaching holiday season doesn’t just mean elaborate meals and time with family — it also means a whole lot of travel. During the Christmas and New Year holidays, the amount of long distance travel in the US rises over 20%. Thanksgiving is an even more popular holiday, with long distance trips increasing an average […]

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Eight Types of Affordable Travel Accommodations for the Fall

by Katharine Paljug October 13, 2015

fall travel

What’s the most costly part of travel? After international plane tickets, the biggest drain on your travel budget is probably your accommodations. Finding a safe, comfortable, convenient place to stay can add up quickly — if you stay in a traditional hotel. However, there are lots of non-traditional accommodations out there. Many of them are […]

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How To Throw a Killer Halloween Party On The Cheap

by Sarah Chang October 9, 2015


Halloween isn’t just for kids — in fact, there are plenty of opportunities for the older crowd to have fun come October 31 (particularly since it’s a Saturday this year). What better way to get everyone together than with a theme-y party? We know entertaining can be stressful — especially if you’re on a budget. […]

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Watch: Job Interview Dress Tips From Women Execs

by Heather Hunter October 8, 2015

pay off debt

If you’re anything like us, prepping for a job interview can feel a little like playing dress up. That dark-suit-and-sensible-shoe combo doesn’t exactly feel like second skin. But, is it okay to spice things up a bit? Turns out, it’s more than okay. Just take it from the women doing the hiring. In this quick […]

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