student loansPaying back your student loans is a long, arduous process. It can be frustrating to still pay for something that you completed so long ago, especially when it seems tough to make any progress. Trust me, I know.

Luckily, there are a few hassle free ways to earn more and pay back your student loans. Best of all, they don’t require you to take on a part-time job.

Here are seven ways you can effortlessly make more money to pay back your student loans.

Adjust Your Tax Withholding

Are you getting a tax refund each year? If so, you may want to adjust your tax withholding. It’s nice to get a refund — but it can be hard to do the right thing when you get a large sum of money at once. By bringing home a little bit more every month you can put the extra towards debt, and lower your interest and principal balance.

Sign Up for Auto Pay

Many student loan lenders offer a 0.25 percent interest rate reduction for borrowers who sign up with auto pay. Interest can be a hurdle when paying back your student loans, so any reduction can help you pay back your loans even faster.

This may seem like a scary prospect,  especially if you are fearful of overdraft. The money will be deducted from your checking account on a monthly basis, automatically. The key is to have a buffer in your account and create a daily habit of checking your balances.

Rent Out Your Room on AirBnB

Whether you have an apartment or a house, you can use your living space to make extra money. Plan on visiting family or friends, and sign up for an account using AirBnB. Depending on your area and your living space, you may be able to make a few hundred dollars each month (or more!).

Sell Your Stuff

Do you have old cell phones laying around?  Are you looking to make a closet purge? If so, you’re sitting on extra cash!

You can sell your old cell phones on sites like And don’t forget to take a hard look at your wardrobe — with a little creativity it’s possible to turn your closet green and earn some extra money fast.

Put All Windfalls to Debt

While no one expects to randomly get money, many of us have experienced a cash windfall — maybe some birthday money or a graduation gift, for example.

Resist the spending temptation, and commit to putting any extra money towards your student loans.

Use Cash Back Rewards

If you are a responsible credit card user and pay off your balances in full every month, consider using a cash back credit card to help you free up some extra money.

You can use your cash back credit card on things you’d already buy or pay for — like groceries and bills — and earn a bit of extra money without even trying. You can either cash out your rewards — by lowering your credit card balance — or have the amount deposited directly into your checking account. Regardless of which method you choose, take that extra money and put it to your student loans.

Rent Out Your Gear

Have a car or bike? Think outside the box! Using sites like and Getaround, you can rent out your car to locals and make up to a few hundred a month or more.

If you don’t have a car, you can also rent out your bike, surfboard, and even snowboard using Spinlister.

The key to getting ahead on your student loans is thinking outside the box. With a little creativity you can make progress without feeling like you’re cutting your budget to the bone, or spending every extra minute of your free time working to make extra money. It’s worked for me!