Your grocery budget is probably one of the largest line items besides your mortgage or rent. Try incorporating a few of these inexpensive recipes into your dinner rotation to expand your palate and shrink your spending!

Slow-Cooker Potato Soup from Gimme Some Oven

This soup is the trifecta: inexpensive, takes no time to prep, and tastes rich and delicious without a drop of heavy cream.

Flaky Tomato and Mozzarella Tart from Real Simple

This is one of those recipes that looks complicated and impressive but is really a breeze to throw together. Even picky kids will gobble this one up!

Easy Sesame Chicken from Budget Bytes

Yes, we know that Chinese takeout is pretty budget friendly. But at $1.29 a serving, you can’t beat this recipe. Plus, you have control over what you’re eating, and you can make it faster than it takes the takeout guy to show up. Win, win win. Bonus: this blogger breaks down the cost of each ingredient, so you know exactly what you’re spending.

Sweet Potato Nachos from Brokeass Gourmet

Slice sweet potatoes. Bake. Add cheese and toppings. The end. So simple, but so fantastic! Drop what you’re doing and make this now.

Two Hour Pork & Fennel Ragu from Stone Soup

This might be a weekend dinner, because it does take a while to cook. Slow cooking the meat sauce with fennel results in a complex, expensive-tasting dish. It freezes well, too, so go ahead and make the full recipe even if you’re cooking for one or two.

Congee with Shredded Turkey, Shiitake Mushrooms, and Ginger Scallion Sauce from Not Eating Out in NY

More of a template than a recipe, this soul-soothing vehicle for leftovers will leave you satisfied. Plus, it’s extraordinarily healthy. By the way, if you’ve ever had a kitchen disaster you’ll appreciate the “regrets” section on this food blog.


What are your go-to inexpensive meal ideas? Tell us in the comments.