As a member of GoGirl, I don’t hesitate to say that it’s great to see a woman in charge. But I always thought I was a little biased. A new post by Dr. Annamaria Lusardi, though, aligns my sentiments with what is perhaps a greater truth after all: that having women at the forefront of the financial infrastructure is integral to the overall financial well-being of the nation.

While acknowledging that there are of course great male figures in the financial world, Lusardi nods to a few notable financial embroilments where it took a woman to step in and straighten everything out:

“In a world where corporate interests have a big voice, it was a woman who stood up and advocated protecting the consumer, the “little guy.” It was a woman who promoted regulation of the derivatives market, an arcane market that few understood well but in which immense risk could be taken. It was a woman who blew the whistle on Enron and its overinflated evaluations.”

Lusardi attributes the motivations behind these reforms to the fact that women generally tend to make less risky decisions–an approach that lends itself to financial situations. She speculates over companies and organizations capitalizing upon this as a strategic asset by putting women at the top, referencing several women in key economic roles in the government and in seats of higher education; though it’s been a long time in the making, women are finally rising to the top. Lusardi adds, though, “We have yet to see any woman go down in flames from their seats at those positions of power, but, of course, history will tell.”

In any case, it’s clear that women are able to bring a unique and dynamic perspective to the table, so it’s in our best interest to take advantage of the strengths of both men and women to maintain the financial health of the nation. More importantly, after reading Lusardi’s post, I’m even more thrilled to be working for GoGirl, which is led by a core of strong, intelligent women who know a thing or two a about finance!