After the economy crashed in 2008, Lynn Parramore found herself feeling incredibly alone, even though she knew she was one of millions experiencing the same economic instability. When no one was hiring her to write, she decided she would write for herself. Lynn then started “,” a blog for people who had recently lost their jobs as well, all coming together and talking about it on common, neutral ground. Before she knew it, her small project turned into a safety zone for people seeking advice, comfort, and release.

Since then, Parramore has taken part in a host of different economic and financial sites and blogs, sharing her experience and hoping to serve as a motivator for those sustaining similar hardships. Most recently, Parramore wrote an article for the Huffington Post in which she explains how she believes that the economic future weighs heavily on the women of today. Lynn coins this idea, a “She-Orientation,” a trend in which women have an increasingly significant impact on the economic and cultural landscape. Ultimately, she believes that the “Mancession,” the time in which men reigned over women, is over.

Lynn makes an interesting point—entrepreneurship may come more naturally to women. Why? Think back on your experiences—has there ever been a time when your idea or proposal was turned down? Did you let the entire thing go, or did you try to go about doing it on your own? Parramore says that because women have lacked mentors and role models that many men have been afforded, many women are accustomed to doing things on their own.

On, Lynn created a section called “Lemonade Makers.” The Lemonade Makers are the women who were pummeled by the economic crisis, but nevertheless decided to start a new business amidst the downfall. These women were “given lemons,” so to speak, and proceeded to make lemonade—they made the best of what they had, and pulled through with determination.

To read more about the She-Orientation,, or the Lemonade Makers of today, go here.

Please share stories with us: have you made lemonade? How did you do it?