Women and Finance: The Facts

Women’s Earning Power

This is an unprecedented time for women’s economic power. In the United States:

Despite this economic shift the gender pay gap still exists:

Per Sallie Krawcheck, the best investment a woman can make is to ask for a raise. For tips on negotiation – from asking for a salary raise to securing an equity share in a business, check out “Don’t Ask, Don’t Get – Tips on Negotiating For Yourself”.

Ask For a Raise.jpg

Women’s Spending Power

In most households women identify themselves as the primary shoppers:

Despite the degree to which women drive spending, most women believe that marketers don’t understand them. Given only 3% of creative directors are female, this is hardly surprising!

Women, Wealth and Investing

Women are, increasingly, the creators and owners of wealth:

But, millennial women do not seem to be focusing on building wealth at the same rate as millennial men:

When it comes to finances, and specifically investing, women tend to demonstrate lower confidence than men:

The financial industry must take some responsibility for closing the confidence gap:

But, when women are engaged, educated and empowered women are just as good (if not better) at financial management than men:

When it comes to investment returns, women are as interested as men in strong returns but they also wish to align money with meaning:

This represents an enormous, and exciting, opportunity for society as a whole.