It’s no secret that women and men do things differently, but would the economy be better off if more women were running corporations?

Yes according to Katty Kay and Clair Shipman’s Washington Post article “Fixing the Economy? It’s Women’s Work”, as well as a half dozen studies that show corporations perform better when there are more women holding senior management positions.

There are couple of reasons why women’s business styles might be more effective in the boardroom: women are more open and inclusive than men, women encourage broader participation in meetings and like to foster consensus, women nurture subordinates more effectively and prefer conciliation over confrontation, empathy over ego.  Lastly, women are also more cautious, more risk averse and take a longer term view of decision making than men.

I can see that difference between my husband and myself. Whenever we encounter problematic situations, he tends to get worked up and starts demanding things be fixed, where as I try to resolve issues by working with the individuals involved. Even though we generally end up in same place, I usually gain a new friend.