Take Your Daughter to Work Day


Throughout my entire life, my mother, Elissa Goldman, has worked full-time. Currently, she runs the New York office for The Martin Agency, an advertising firm based in Richmond, Virginia. She oversees all of the broadcast investments for the agency’s clients. Although her success was not always easy on our family life, I have always been proud of her.

In 2010, the agency nominated her as Working Mother of the Year for the advertising industry—without her knowing of course—and lo and behold, she was chosen! On February 17th, Working Mother Magazine is hosting a luncheon to commend and recognize the accomplishments and achievements of her and 19 other women around the country.

Although my mom graduated from Syracuse University with the intention of going on to law school, she had a sudden change of a heart and decided to pursue advertising when she was offered an opportunity at Ted Bates, an advertising agency.

When I was younger, the majority of my friends’ mothers were stay-at-home-mothers, which I clearly remember bothering me. Twenty-one years later, as I enter the workforce, I now understand why my mom went to work everyday. Instead of being perplexed by it, I respect it, and most importantly, appreciate it.

My mother’s decision to follow her passion has taught me to take risks, to try different things, and to embrace every opportunity that is thrown my way. Stay tuned for video coverage and interviews from more amazing women who are superb role models from start to finish.

Here is a link to Working Mother Magazine’s website, with a host of interesting stories, events and articles: http://workingmother.com/?service=vpage/106